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Maria Miller

Conservative MP for Basingstoke and chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee

Conservative MP for Basingstoke and chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee

Too Little Infrastructure Is Designed To Aid The Work-Life Balance Of Fathers - Time For A Culture Change

Too much of the infrastructure that supports working families in the UK is still designed to engage mums not dads, and in the Select Committee's call for evidence we hope to hear from early years, schools, social work and other services on their engagement with fathers. Having dads more involved in the early years of their children's lives is not only a practical necessity, it's good for children too.
16/01/2017 10:10 GMT

Workplace Culture Must Change if Women Are to Reach the Top of Our Biggest Companies

We have a lot be proud of when it comes to gender equality and there are many signs that show how much progress has been made. Over two thirds of working age women are in work - more than ever before; nearly 60% of new graduates are now women, along with over 50% of new postgraduates... The workplace was designed by men, for men. The Government is playing its part too by helping to modernise the workplace. However, we still have much more work to do.
27/03/2014 08:33 GMT

The Changing Role of Women

This weekend we mark the 103rd International Women's Day. It's an opportunity to celebrate women's social, economic and political achievements and, just as importantly, to highlight the barriers to full equality that still exist, more than a century on.
07/03/2014 17:15 GMT

Women Must Be at the Heart of Our Efforts to Create Employment and Grow Our Economy

I have been part of many debates on gender diversity in corporate boardrooms. Although there is a long road ahead, one small step in the right direction is that the issue is now more firmly fixed in the minds of shareholders, employers and employees. And I hope events like last week will be a catalyst for greater interest and awareness of our public boards and equal appointments to them. It's a promising start that number of women taking up public appointments is increasing across Whitehall.
01/07/2013 17:26 BST

Equal Marriage Will Preserve the Institution of Marriage

There is no doubt about the fundamental value that we place upon marriage and its role at the heart of our society. Marriage embodies the principles of love, loyalty and commitment - all vital components of a strong society. And it is those principles that we are championing through the Equal Marriage Bill which continues its journey through Parliament tonight.
20/05/2013 13:12 BST

Testing Times: Fighting Culture's Corner in an Age of Austerity

It almost goes without saying that the arts have an intrinsic value - the 'arts for arts sake' argument has been made countlessly and convincingly. But, clearly we are living in tough times - and we therefore need to make sure that the incredible instrumental potential of culture is both appreciated and maximised.
24/04/2013 14:36 BST

A Day to Celebrate Women in All Walks of Life

Friday is International Women's Day. And it is an opportunity for us to celebrate women in all walks of life. It is a chance to look at where we are now, how far we have come, and what needs still to be done. It is also a time to reflect on the work which is improving the lives of women across the world. It is also an opportunity for us to reflect on the vital role women are playing in our own society, be it in business, education, entertainment, public service or in the home.
07/03/2013 23:33 GMT

The Airy Fairy Generalisations of Women in the Workplace

There's an awful lot of nonsense spoken and written about women and employment. Airy generalisations slug it out with specious stereotyping and the simple reality gets lost in the clatter. Because the truth is, that women are at the heart of this country's economic growth strategy. And if we're serious about recovery - and we are - we must to do everything possible to maximise their contribution to the workplace.
14/11/2012 08:19 GMT