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Marina Vaughan

Advocacy adviser and philanthropy consultant

Marina has a background in international affairs, philanthropy and conservation. She was the founding director of the Blue Marine Foundation, a leading British environmental charity dedicated to solving the crisis of overfishing by employing public-private partnerships that provide long-term solutions for marine sustainability. Under her leadership, the area of ocean under full protection was doubled in the creation of the Chagos Marine Reserve. In the 2008 US presidential elections Marina was the director of Americans Abroad, spearheading John McCain's worldwide campaign, having worked previously at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London and Barbour Griffith & Rogers in Washington, DC. Marina is also closely involved in the arts.

The Prince's Bright Future

With the world's attention slowly but surely turning to the oceans and with advocates like the Prince of Wales who offer solid, pragmatic and realistic cases for change, perhaps a bright future is nearer than we think.
15/02/2012 22:07 GMT

2012 Will Be a Good Year for Our Ecosystems

With another year over in the so-called Biodiversity Decade, one might lose heart that our natural resources will ever be saved from squander. But I don't, I have great hope for the year ahead. The reason? Good business is the best antidote for bad international politics.
03/01/2012 22:19 GMT