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Mark Borkowski

Publicist, author and agency head

Mark Borkowski is a publicist, author and agency head, who set up his eponymous company in 1990 which grew to be one of the most reputable PR companies in the UK.

Mudslinging on Twitter

The fame of Minaj and co of course raised the exchange above the average online spat. But as the case of Corbyn shows, a man who only a month ago was little known outside of North London Marxist reading groups, there are other factors at play.
24/07/2015 16:13 BST

Toxic Fame Living on Benefits Street

I'm no opponent of fantasy, or of shock value. I also don't believe McKerrow or his company set out to deceive or mislead anyone. I do, however, know first-hand the disconnect between us media folk, who are comfortable living our lives as a dance of smoke and mirrors, and ordinary people, who assume that when they say things they will usually be taken as meant. The problem here isn't any kind of sinister right-wing agenda (as critics of <em>Benefits Street</em> allege). Rather, the media's fluid reality has clashed against the more unyielding reality known to most people, with uncomfortable results.
14/01/2014 17:32 GMT

I'm a Nonentity - a Trip to the Zoo

The latest series of I'm a Celebrity lollops on, and beaming manchild Joey Essex seems to have won not only the public vote, but the affections of the press.
02/12/2013 16:06 GMT

Conquest Without Contribution: Sport Now Second to Scandal and Salary?

To be sure, scandal has always been with us. The annals of British history are littered with the names of great national hellraisers, from Vinnie Jones to Gazza and beyond. However, there is a difference. Recent distasteful behaviour in sport, whether it be the English rugby team tossing midgets, or the bout of al fresco relief with which I began this article, betrays cultural problems, not individual misdemeanours...
28/08/2013 17:16 BST

Here's to the Crazy Ones: Brin's Burger a Sign of Wilder Times?

I'll be watching with interest where Brin takes his personal brand over the next few years. With Larry Page and Eric Schmidt coming under increasing media scrutiny and public criticism, Brin may be unable to sustain his current tech messiah status while associating himself with Google.
13/08/2013 13:29 BST

Narrative by Numbers: The Production Line of Storytelling

I've been preaching about the power of stories for years, but it was only around the turn of this decade that it became generally a faddish topic. I was happy when it did - for too long, clients of mine had been unable to see beyond their next ad deadline.
12/08/2013 15:35 BST

Harry: Prince of Propaganda

From Las Vegas to Camp Bastion, Harry's headlines - both good and bad - build a modern heroic monomyth around him. He may be a professional soldier - but am I alone in preferring to read about his rock 'n' roll hedonism rather than this latest "I killed in Afghanistan" meme?
23/01/2013 14:43 GMT

Selfridge's Guide to Suprasexual Seduction

Although he brushed shoulders with the likes of Harry Reichenbach, Selfridge was the first person with the vision and the chutzpah to craft a culture around retail. Selfridge established shopping as an <em>experience</em>, an activity in itself rather than a means to an end.
11/01/2013 23:51 GMT

Never Mind the Mayans, Here's the Apocalypse

If I could have one Christmas wish, it would be for our politicians to stop being too embarrassed to stand by culture and support it for fear of being branded 'elitist'. The Arts are for everyone, and nothing embodies this better than the volunteers who worked tirelessly to create the opening ceremony this summer.
21/12/2012 10:07 GMT

The Royals Must Not Let Their Zygote Be Seized by the PR Zeitgeist

Rest assured that this is a very early present for the PR industry. PRs will be peddling their wares and attaching products and brand events onto the media charabang at every opportunity. Sales speak stronger than sentiment, and the baby care PR pixies have been stat-spinning like a tribal dervish overcome by super-strength hallucinogenic cacti.
12/12/2012 00:14 GMT

Leveson, Lies and the Twitter Liberation Front

Whatever our grievances with the misconduct of a select few in the media, we should be far more wary of the power of the crowd. After all, wasn't it the public that gobbled up these gossip column inches in the first place? If people don't buy it, the press won't print it.
04/12/2012 12:29 GMT

The Media Must Commit Itself to a New Model of Fame

After a fortnight of joy, optimism and delight we are, for once, looking ahead and contemplating a new horizon. We thought we all lived in a mean, unpleasant land of imperfection, one where tabloid culture and trifling lifestyle ruled.
16/08/2012 17:12 BST

Bradley Wiggins- A New Breed of Celebrity

Bradley Wiggins' success in the Tour de France was testament to the willpower, training and raw talent of an individual. His stellar status in the media- whilst certainly not hindered by his victory - has more to do with his suitability as a new kind of celebrity in the post-Leveson world.
23/07/2012 16:32 BST

Death of a Journalist and a New Era for Her Profession

It's a fact that old media is in fast decline, that I will see the death of print. Hopefully the legend of Sue Carrol will be preserved and cherished and not lost in the sea of detritus and the sins of a generation of lazy hacks.
15/01/2012 22:43 GMT