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Mark Fletcher-Brown

Mark Fletcher-Brown

Director in communications consultancy Reputation Counsel.

The Flowering of Scotland

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a blog about the Scottish vote lamenting the lack of opportunity available to the 1.2 million Scots living outside the country. It struck me as odd that people, like me, who more than likely still see themselves as Scots wouldn't have any influence at all on the final outcome of the September 18th referendum...
09/09/2014 12:19 BST

2013 - Time to Change the Message

'We're all in it together' is, on the surface, an excellent message behind which to unite a country. It alludes to wartime life and suggests that we're all feeling the same pain. Of course, we're not and it doesn't appear to be working. Increasingly, it's being used as a stick with which to beat the government; every time a story shows that some are thriving whilst others suffer serves to defeat the message.
28/12/2012 16:57 GMT

Here's Tae Us - Unless We've Moved Awa': Give Scots Abroad the Vote

Scottish people living outside Scotland should have a vote on whether the country should be independent from the rest of the UK. Over 800,000 people, like me, are Scottish but since we live outside Scotland we are to be excluded from having a voice on this historic issue.
18/12/2012 20:23 GMT

Is Trust the New Black?

This statistic will disturb you: according to MORI just over half of us believe that a man or woman in the street will tell us the truth where as only 14% believe that politicians will do the same.
22/08/2012 08:17 BST

Bad News Is Bad News

But if you were thinking of going to the Olympics next week, might you be less inclined to do so as a result of the coverage of security problems. And if coverage creates fear, should journalists be held responsible for the way that they choose to cover particular stories?
26/07/2012 08:20 BST

Not In Front Of The Children - Please

Predictably, the prime minster is taking flak over his decision to run parenting classes for people. As expected, some are calling the initiative an example of the Nanny State. In due course, editors will pull out examples of poor parenting by members of his government or those who advise him. We all know what's coming, don't we?
18/05/2012 16:02 BST

Always Take Care of the Little Things

It must be very frustrating to spend months working on The Budget only to find that the whole thing is reduced to a few choice words: granny tax and pasty-gate.
18/04/2012 14:23 BST

A Question of Trust - Again

At a time when our country faces some very difficult decisions about what we should do about public finances, hardly anyone trusts those who are leading the way ahead.
26/03/2012 22:05 BST

NHS Reforms: Do We Need A Second Opinion?

If the NHS was a patient, it would be as if it went, feeling a bit queasy, to see its GP more than 20 years ago. Without warning, it was sent straight to hospital, kept in, operated on, helped to recover, operated on again, and again, and then again.
13/02/2012 23:18 GMT

Leveson: We Are The Problem

The Leveson Enquiry has been highly informative, beautifully probing and calmly clarifying. The result may cause the media to change their ways. But it will take a lot more than Leveson to stem the demand. Only we can do that.
06/02/2012 23:47 GMT

Hate Is Always Available On Tap

We need to resist our innate desire to blame and to hate. It's not how we got to here that matters; it's what we're going to do about it now that we are.
06/02/2012 11:47 GMT

Looking for Our Place in the World

A hundred years will pass in the blink of an eye. And when it does, nobody will be worried about whether we're Scots, English, Irish or Welsh. We'll just be people who used to belong to a great nation but are now too poorly skilled, under-qualified and unproductive to bother about.
25/01/2012 22:31 GMT