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Mark Hillary

British tech, culture, and globalisation writer based in São Paulo

Mark Hillary is a British author, blogger, and advisor on technology and globalisation based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Mark is the chief executive of Brazilian tech research firm, IT Decisions; focused on buy-side research with the largest active community of chief information officers (CIOs) in Brazil.

He has written several successful books, including ‘Global Services: Moving to a Level Playing Field’, ‘Who Moved My Job?’, ‘Talking Outsourcing’, and ‘Building a Future with BRICs’.

He is one of the best-known British bloggers focused on politics, globalisation and technology and is a regular contributor to Reuters in addition to The Huffington Post. Mark’s blogging for Reuters is particularly focused on British politics and the network society – he live-blogged the entire 2010 general election with a focus on issues such as immigration, hi-tech services, and the digital economy.

Mark is one of the 100 official British ‘BT storytellers’ covering the London 2012 Olympics. He was shortlisted as business blogger of the year in 2009 by Computer Weekly and in 2011 won the SSON (shared services and outsourcing network) best blogger award.

Mark has advised the UN on the development of the IT industry in Africa, the Indian government on service exports, and the British government on developing a hi-tech economy – as well as being a blogging mentor to teenage children under the guidance of the Labour administration’s Department for Children, Schools, and Families.

Mark is a visiting MBA lecturer at London South Bank University, focused on corporate structures and the globalisation of services. He has lectured at several other universities, inc. the LSE and Loughborough. He is presently working on research into a new book about IT in Brazil, and a short book on the corporate use of Twitter.

Mark lives in São Paulo with his wife Angelica and ‘vira lata’ dog, Joe. The BBC filmed his wedding in 2010 because it was entirely arranged on Facebook.

When Will We Accept That Smartphones Are Addictive?

But are we ignoring the addictive nature of smartphones? Try taking away someone's phone today and see how long they can cope without it. Look around on a train or bus and see how many people are lost to the real world, gazing blankly into their phone. Phone separation, or battery status, is now a genuine source of anxiety for many people.
10/10/2017 15:11 BST

Why Are Business Leaders Still Backing Trump?

It's obvious why business leaders want to join organisations like the Manufacturing Council that President Trump formed when he took office in January. They get direct access to the president and they can interact with their peers from other large companies - it's a no-brainer. Even if you don't personally support the political ideology of the president most business leaders would accept an invitation to be at the top table.
17/08/2017 12:02 BST

How To Beat Ticket Touts

When I arrived at the stadium and got to the entry turnstile, I needed to swipe my card on the gate. It recognised my card, printed a ticket with my seat details, and then the gate opened to let me in. It was simple and it worked.
19/07/2017 12:38 BST

Did Trump Just Insult The UK With An Upside-Down Flag?

It might seem trivial to many that the flag is displayed correctly, the British flag is often displayed upside down because many people assume the design is symmetrical, but the Brexit debate means that British people may soon need to have a more intimate understanding of their flag.
24/05/2017 16:44 BST

Is It All Over For Twitter?

This guy is based in Canada and is the CEO of a research company. If he says there is no longer any useful news on Twitter then Jack Dorsey should be worried. The fake news and Trump trolling mixed with too many irrelevant adverts just lost them a previously heavy user of the service.
10/02/2017 14:06 GMT

Can't Stop Emailing? Five Tips To Help Switch Off And Be More Productive

The feature describes how he spends a solid hour answering emails each morning and then a half-hour at the end of the day to wrap things up. But this led me to think, if ninety minutes is considered to be 'under control' then how many hours do regular people spend fighting their inbox each day?
13/12/2016 14:51 GMT

Better CX Tools For Twitter: Too Little Too Late?

Customers have been extensively using Twitter to contact brands and ask for support for at least five years so it's surprising that they took this long to improve the interface. It was only recently that they removed the need for users to be following each other to send DMs, which was a major issue for brands that wanted to support customers using Twitter.
24/11/2016 13:11 GMT

Unfortunately Brexit Still Means Brexit

Like 48% of the British people who voted in the referendum on European Union (EU) membership last June, I wanted the UK to remain in the EU. However, 52% of those who voted wanted to leave. I respect the democracy that exists in our nation and so I was prepared to watch as the UK left the European project.
07/11/2016 11:57 GMT

Just 168 Hours In A Week. What Will You Do?

Although everyone has different priorities and needs, there is a valuable message here. Your time is limited and advertisers like Google and Facebook have realised it - although most of us still seem blissfully unaware. Our time is one of the most valuable commodities that we can give to advertisers because we generally have so little available.
31/10/2016 11:32 GMT

Is 2017 When The World Finally Gets Virtual Reality?

VR has never really taken off as a mainstream technology though. Even though companies like Facebook have been investing in VR and their Oculus products look incredible, it's not something you see very often. However, I believe that VR is about to go mainstream thanks to the launch of two new gaming devices.
12/10/2016 11:44 BST

Why Can't We Stop Checking Our Phones?

It's easy to dismiss this as nonsense and to suggest that people just put down their phones, but given how far we have now come this is like telling someone with depression to just cheer up. Humans are now slaves to their phones and as we move into an era of wearable and embedded devices this situation can only get worse.
03/10/2016 14:41 BST

Can AI Save Us From Drowning In Data?

At one level it might just be that many taxi drivers are operating without any knowledge of the city where they work, but I keep wondering if there is not something else happening here. Are we naturally overlaying technology as a supportive crutch in ways that are just becoming more visible than ever before?
05/09/2016 14:13 BST

You Don't Succeed By Working 130 Hours Each Week

There are 168 hours in total in one week. If you sleep for eight hours each night then the total time left in a week is just 112 hours - less that the 130 hours that Mayer suggests it is possible to be at work. The idea that working all night is something that should be regularly expected is also nonsense.
23/08/2016 11:10 BST

The Rio 2016 Focus on Volunteers Will Ensure Olympic Success

Once the opening ceremony was complete and the games started London did embrace the games and it was universally acknowledged as one of the best games ever. Now on the eve of the opening ceremony in Rio, Brazil faces the same barrage of complaints.
05/08/2016 10:05 BST

When will the Lawyers Understand WhatsApp And Encryption?

This continuous agitation by the courts in Brazil is tiresome, not only because the lawmakers clearly don't understand how encryption works, but because WhatsApp is deeply ingrained in the cultural life of Brazil. It is a service that can be used to chat with friends, but also to book a haircut, or make a hotel reservation.
20/07/2016 14:40 BST

Customers Now Prefer Shopping Online To In-Store

I have been reading several research reports from both sides of the Atlantic recently that talk about how customers are starting to favour the online shopping experience over the real, in-store experience. How could this be? Haven't retailers always found that some customers prefer to see and touch products before purchasing?
01/07/2016 16:50 BST

Can You Really Help Good Causes By Buying a Wristwatch?

I'm now the proud owner of a Lyfe watch with a green strap and I can honestly say that after years of not wearing a watch I have started using it regularly. It looks good, functions well, and I can see that the Lyfe team are focused on making this a global fashion brand.
29/06/2016 15:43 BST