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Marlon Roudette

Mattafix frontman, recently released debut solo album ‘Matter Fixed’ on Warner Bros Records

Bungee Jump

I envy those with a rock 'n' roll constitution. Made of stuff so solid they can cope with a touring schedule this relentless while partying and drug taking into the wee hours with apparently little side effect. I don't know how they do it.
26/04/2012 21:24 BST

48 Hours

A slight shock to the system. From chilling in my flat in London trying to shake off flu to a quick rehearsal, straight onto a German tourbus, then a Dover ferry, before a headline show in Paris, five radio performances, some very good coffee, a train to Lausanne and now a drive to one of my favourite little towns; CransMontana in the Swiss Alps.
17/04/2012 22:24 BST


I've been up to my iBalls (sorry) in new technology this week. I decided to have a geeky update on gadgets at the Apple store and have spent the last few days trying to get the new gizmos plus my existing phones, laptops, TVs, desktops and tablets to all talk to each other.
06/04/2012 22:09 BST

An Interesting Week...

We had a couple of unexpected breakthroughs in the UK this week. Despite turning up for a Terry Wogan interview a week early and not getting anywhere near the studio, BBC Radio 2 added my song <em>New Age</em> to their playlist.
28/03/2012 22:08 BST

The Highs and the Lows....

I find it frustrating when my record is off and flying in some territories while in others I can't seem to get arrested. Fans from the countries where I'm struggling to get heard often write me incredulous messages asking why the song/album is not available in their region or why the radio stations are not playing it and I can offer no decent explanation for them.
20/03/2012 22:13 GMT

From the West Indies to the West End

Once in a while a young artist or band emerges seemingly from nowhere, makes an album themselves with no outside help, and their debut climbs to the summit of the treacherous music business in which we operate.
09/03/2012 22:30 GMT


One must be careful when mentioning a UK invasion of Germany but that's exactly what happened last weekend as Florence and the Machine, Katie Melua, Ed Sheeran, and myself (spot the odd one out?!) took to the stage along side local acts for <em>The Voice</em> final.
26/02/2012 23:02 GMT

Fields of Gold

Depending on the presenter, journalist or DJ, interview styles can range from the mundane to the outright combative... I started this morning by blurting out to an unsuspecting presenter: "Sting was in my hotel room this morning... I mean hotel LOBBY! Damn it..." Absolutely golden! (fields?)...
10/02/2012 23:17 GMT

January (Baby) Blues

Lana Del Rey was sitting behind me on my flight to Berlin this morning. I can empathise with being thrust into the spotlight before you've had a chance to catch yourself. Trying to grow as an artist and a person under intense scrutiny is a nightmare. Some people seem desperate to label her as a fake. Why can't it just be a good tune sung by a beautiful girl?
01/02/2012 22:22 GMT