Marsha Wright Media Personality, Columnist, TV Business Expert, International #1 Bestselling Author, Serial-Entrepreneur, Investor



Marsha Wright is a world-renowned TV Business Expert, International 4x #1 Bestselling Author, Serial-Entrepreneur, Columnist, Investor and Strategic Alliances Expert whose exploits include ownership of a business portfolio with interests in numerous sectors from tech to entertainment and consulting.

She has a large loyal fan base worldwide and is the host for the famous social media movement #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha - an empowering weekly event that has garnered over 2million hashtag shares and has trended over 300 times globally.

Marsha is recognized as a respected influencer and has 17million+ monthly organic social views from her fans and the wider world.

Her international best selling book 'The Secret Collaborative Economy: More Clients, More Exposure, More Profit, FASTER!' was a Marketing, Business and Global Marketing hit and became a best seller in USA, UK, Canada, France, Italy and Germany. The hit book was revised April 2016 and is now exclusively available from

Marsha has appeared on TV and radio worldwide, and in magazines and newspapers internationally for over a decade and is a highly respected influencer who has a very important voice with her fans. She is most active on Twitter.

Her other interests include travelling the world (which she does while juggling a business portfolio) having semi-retired aged just 32. She's a formidable collaborator and her comment and insights are sought out by all levels of the media.


Twitter: @MarshaWright