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Martin Dorey

Writer, surfer, TV presenter, keen shrimper and cook (and qualified RNLI Surf Lifegaurd)

Martin Dorey is a writer, surfer and TV presenter. He presented BBC2’s 10 part food and travel series One Man and His Campervan and is the author of two books about campervan cooking and campervan life: The Camper Van Cookbook and The Camper Van Coast.

Martin lives on the Cornwall coast with his wife Joanne, his children, Maggie (11) and Charlotte (10), a medium sized dog of unknown origin called Bob, a 1979 VW campervan called Dave and five surfboards. When he’s not raging at the state of the oceans, cooking, surfing or pretending to work he goes fishing. He is very bad at it.

What Are We Like? The Truth About the Brits Abroad

It seems, from the latest report on global Consular activity released today, that we are getting slightly better at being Brits abroad - even if we are becoming a little more careless with our vital documents.
18/07/2013 14:53 BST

Go on, Do Something Stupid - But Only if It's Included in the Price

So go on, do something stupid. Take a chance on that tandem skydive, google that slack lining school, splash out on that ice holing holiday and book in that bobsleigh break. It's all covered, although, interestingly, I couldn't find skinny dipping anywhere. Oh well.
15/01/2013 14:46 GMT

'Are There Any More Queries?'

I don't know whether or not the headmaster knew what was going on in his school on a daily basis but I know he failed to report the accusations until his retirement. Instead he tried, at least, to get rid of the abuser so he could do no more damage within the school itself.
28/11/2012 17:33 GMT

Beating the Traffic, the Camper Van Way

Here we go again. It's the summer time, there's some royal action going down and suddenly we've got a whole bunch of bank holidays all at once. You know everyone is going to have the same idea and will make a dash for it. Quick! Pack up the camper van and head for the coast!
01/06/2012 17:02 BST

Top 10 Tips for Holidaying at Home

One of the basic realities of going on holiday in the UK is that the weather might not be perfect. That calls for a different approach. If you expect sun you'll end up being disappointed, so don't.
05/04/2012 21:42 BST