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Martin Horwood

Liberal Democrat MP for Cheltenham and Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tribal Peoples

Martin Horwood has been MP for Cheltenham since 2005. He is the Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party Committee on International Affairs.

Chevron: Take a Lesson From BP, Do The Right Thing

Our cousins across the pond were horrified and, rightly so, at the damage wrought by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But what about the misconduct of the U.S oil company, Chevron, in Ecuador?
01/04/2012 23:08 BST

Europe: What Went Wrong

We urgently need a post-mortem inquiry into what on earth went wrong in Brussels this past weekend. At the very least a departmental select committee needs to ask some very searching questions.
12/12/2011 17:44 GMT