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Mary McCarthy

Urban art specialist, who has followed and worked with the street art movement for 20 years

Director of Urban and Contemporary Art, Dreweatts 1759

Street Art As A Tool For Change

Street art, and those who create it - those who dare, dream, fight, question and challenge, whether it be for rebellion or for necessity, for the past and for the future, for no reason and for vital ones, for themselves and for a greater good... in my mind encapsulates all that is historically significant about this medium.
14/03/2017 11:33 GMT

The Legalities of Street Art

A time where the Houses of Parliament are hosting an auction for the proceeds of a Banksy wall piece to be donated to charity, where the NYC Department of Transportation has made street art a priority, judges are pardoning artists due to their obvious talents and we bear witness to the ultimate irony - Walmart selling prints of Banksy's 'Destroy Capitalism' to the mass market.
11/12/2013 18:00 GMT

Does the Commercialisation of Street Art Undermine the Work?

Banksy's recent activity in New York has generated mountains of coverage, in print and online. But what does the greater coverage of urban artists mean for the street art market? Certainly the internet has made street art more accessible, more widely viewed and more popular - would Banksy be as popular without the internet?
21/10/2013 17:37 BST

Fancy Having Some Street Art on Your Wall?

When your original motivation for picking up a spray can is about breaking away from convention and sharing - be it on the side of a bus or in a dimly-lit subway - the traditional model of giving up half of your earnings to an agent and gallery owner seems a little out of date.
02/12/2011 22:26 GMT