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Irish broadcaster, writer and blogger

Mary McGill is an award-winning Irish broadcaster, writer and blogger. You can read her work and keep up with her adventures on her blog: or chat via Twitter @missmarymcgill

New Year, New You? No Thanks

After goading us into overindulgence all December long, every January, without fail, the Gods flip the script, beseeching that we filth-spattered selves we have been dragging about for the previous twelve months and replace them with a brand spanking new version of which we can be suitably smug.
07/01/2015 17:34 GMT

Objectifying Women: Why Cameron Diaz Is Wrong

Being objectified is not a compliment. No one ever changed the world because they learned to walk in heels that require a pilot's licence. Jumping up and down to participate in your own objectivation is generally not a good look.
22/11/2012 08:45 GMT

Baby Wars: Should You Apologise for Not Wanting Children?

Statistics show us that more and more women are choosing not to have children, for reasons that are as varied as the seasons. With that, one would hope the negative attitude towards those who opt out of parenthood, the idea that they are unnatural and selfish, will dissipate. Not wanting kids doesn't make you any less of a woman or a bad person. Talking about not wanting kids doesn't make you offensive, just honest. Not wanting kids doesn't automatically mean you dislike them. Having kids reluctantly, as a kind of 'just in case' policy is probably not the best idea.
02/11/2012 16:26 GMT

Samantha Brick and the Comparison Trap: Why the Media Just Loves to Pit Women Against Each Other

The top celebrity story on the infamous Daily Mail homepage (the most popular news website in the world, by the way) is of a woman who claims other women hate her because of her good looks. Oh yes, that old chestnut - uptight ugly-types slamming pretty girls, especially if they happen to be younger. Aren't women just so catty? Thank goodness there aren't more of them in government!
03/04/2012 16:05 BST

Rihanna & Chris Brown: Why Make Music Together?

Rihanna once said she didn't want to be remembered solely for her disastrous relationship with Brown, which makes their duet all the more sickening and bizarrely misguided. Expecting pop stars to be moral guardians is often wishful thinking but in taking Brown to court and rebuilding her life, Rihanna became a hero to many young women.
22/02/2012 11:23 GMT

Valentine's Day: Why There's Nothing Romantic About It

I once worked with a girl who, when a stunning Valentine's bouquet was delivered for her, remained unmoved. I asked why, only to be told she'd let her suitor know exactly what she wanted, most importantly that the flowers be delivered so the entire office got a good look at them. She might as well have kicked romance up the arse.
13/02/2012 22:54 GMT

Skinny Versus Curvy: Why Women Can Never Win

Ladies: it's time to put down those sparkly shoes and pick up your shields, for the battle of the body types rages on and you've simply got to choose a size, sorry, side. No, no - no dithering. You're either one or the other and before you starting rambling on about 'healthy body image' just shut it.
19/01/2012 22:08 GMT

Do You Suffer From Celebrity Fatigue Syndrome (C.F.S.)?

The name: <em>Celebrity Fatigue Syndrome </em>or C.F.S. whereby the patient develops an acute, sometimes violent aversion to all things 'celebrity' with troubling implications for them, those close to them and indeed the world.
09/01/2012 22:17 GMT