Matt Carr Author, freelance journalist and blogger

Matt Carr has been a freelance print and radio journalist since the early 1980s. In addition to presenting radio features and documentaries from Spain for the BBC World Service and Radio 4, he has written for a range of newspapers, journals and magazines including Esquire, the New York Times, History Today, the Observer, Marie Claire, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, Geographical Magazine and Le Point. He has also been a regular contributor to The First Post online magazine and the IPS news agency.

He is the author of the acclaimed memoir My Father's House (Penguin Books, 1997), and Blood and Faith: the Purging of Muslim Spain (New Press 2009: Hurst & Co 2010), which was selected for the New York Times Editors’ Choice in January 2011. He is the author of The Infernal Machine: an Alternative History of Terrorism (Hurst & Co), published in the United States as The Infernal Machine: A History of Terrorism from the Assassination of Alexander II to al-Qaeda (New Press, 2007).

His next book Fortress Europe: Dispatches from a Gated Continent is an investigation of the treatment of refugees and undocumented migrants in Europe, which is due to be published in the UK and the US in the autumn.

In addition to frequent appearances on British, American and Canadian radio as a guest contributor, usually on terrorism-related issues, he has lectured and given seminars in a number of British universities, schools and cultural and educational institutions, including Derby, Newcastle and Nottingham universities and the Cervantes Institute in London.

He blogs regularly on politics, terrorism and counterterrorism, books, history, cinema, music and other things that interest him at:

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