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Matteo Bergamini

Multi-award winning entrepreneur and founder/director of Shout Out UK. Political literacy advocate.

Matteo Bergamini completed an undergraduate degree in Politics & History at the UNIVERSITY OF BRUNEL in 2014 and a Graduate Diploma in Law in 2015. During his time at university, he launched his own company called SHOUT OUT UK, a multi-award winning independent youth news platform that provides young people with the tools necessary to engage in politics and a platform to shout out and be heard.

In 2015, Shout Out UK went on to launch its first investigative documentary ‘Anonymous: A Million Men’. The documentary includes interviews with Russell Brand, Conservative MP Chloe Smith and the secretive organisers of the Million Mask March itself. The film was later acquired by Shorts International for worldwide distribution.

On the 28th April 2015, in collaboration with Channel 4 and ITN, Shout Out UK, launched Britain’s first ever Youth Leaders’ Debate. The event gathered leaders of the seven largest British parties’ youth wings to debate on political issues. After 10min the #YouthLeaders was trending in the top six on twitter.

On the 8th May 2015, Matteo was invited to become an ESRC Knowledge Exchange Fellow, after winning a bid for a research/marketing grant in cooperation with the Crick Centre, a research group based in the University of Sheffield. The subsequent videos he made ended up racking up a collective viewership of half a million.

In March 2016, Matteo was declared the winner of the Harrow Business Den 2016 and has since launched a Political Literacy Course, after Shout Out UK became an accredited AQA centre. In less than a year, the company has expanded into various boroughs in London and beyond, launching in both Dartford and Cambridge in September 2016, and then in Yorkshire from 2017. Shout Out UK has also secured endorsements from academics and journalists like Fatima Manji from Channel 4 News.

Mental Health Problems Are 24 Hours A Day, Seven Days A Week - It's Time The Government Realised This

Today is World Mental Health Day, and with conditions like depression and anxiety on the rise, especially amongst young people, it's one of the biggest issues we are facing as a society. By discussing mental health, it shows it's not a taboo subject and something that is not to be ashamed about if you are suffering. I am always trying to make sure that mental health is spoken about openly and lobby the Government for more funding and facilities for it, as I believe that mental health is just as important as physical health.
10/10/2017 11:12 BST

Tories Target The Youth Vote - But Is It Too Little, Too Late?

It is clear that although the Conservatives have a long way to go to deal with the outdated negative rhetoric style plaguing their politics, they are listening and they are attempting to win over the youth vote. If it works, only time will tell.
02/10/2017 16:21 BST

Political Literacy: An End To Apathy?

It's the modern equivalent to the old proverb, 'give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time'. In a similar fashion, if we ask them to vote, they will do it once before getting bored or disillusioned, but if we give them the tools to understand the system they will remain engaged for a lifetime.
17/08/2017 11:22 BST