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Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton

University of Oxford Saïd Business School. Speed Wing Pilot. Climbed Mount Everest in 2012. Author of Dare to Dream. Public Speaker. Ambassador @GlobalAngelsOrg

Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton is one of the youngest British climbers to summit Mount Everest. Previously working on drilling appraisal contracts for Statoil and BP in the oil and gas industry, Matthew now splits his time between a London and Indonesian based consulting agency and the University of Oxford Saïd Business School.

Matthew is an author, public speaker and supports the children's foundation Global Angels, and green initiatives with South Pole Group.


Base Camp - Just the Start

I've arrived at Base Camp (5350m) - which marks the starting point of where I'll begin my true trip up the mountain. From base camp, climbers typically train and acclimate by travelling and bringing supplies back and forth through the often treacherous Khumbu Icefall.
27/04/2012 22:07 BST

Preparing to Climb Mount Everest

Climbing Everest is so much more than the 20 minutes spent on top of the world. When I climb, I think it is good to remember why I am doing these big expeditions especially when there is often quite a lot of suffering encountered with high altitude mountaineering. The first thought is always for the pleasure and love of climbing. The love of the sport was the first thing that brought me to climbing, so it is always a powerful emotion to remember. I am hoping to raise £8,848, the same height as Everest in metres, for the charity Global Angels.
29/03/2012 22:50 BST