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Matthew Harris

Liberal Democrat foreign-policy blogger

Matthew Harris was the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Hendon in North London in the 2010 UK General Election. He is a former Vice-Chair of Lib Dem Friends of Israel and a blogger, having graduated from Oxford University in 1993. He writes here in a personal capacity.

UK Action on Israel/Palestine

Okay, so it's always easy to be cynical about signs of life in the Israeli/Palestinian peace process. But (and it is a big but), I can't help feeling encouraged by the moderate success - or lack of failure - of recent talks between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators in Jordan.
12/01/2012 22:56 GMT

New Wets and Faltering Thatcherites

If Thatcherites want a smaller state, then they surely want a smaller deficit, and the best way to get that could be (as our Thatcherite-inspired Chancellor argues) for taxes to remain uncut.
02/10/2011 20:11 BST

Nick Clegg's new Thinking on Arab Spring

Liberal Democrats must be natural members of any such "movement for freedom". They should back their leader in ensuring that "the UK stands shoulder to shoulder with the millions of citizens across the Arab world.
22/08/2011 23:07 BST

We need more White Oxbridge Males

It is indeed important to widen access to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, so that they admit the best applicants, not merely the best-schooled applicants. If we want to raise the aspirations of thousands of kids, then we cannot and must not stigmatise success.
12/07/2011 13:09 BST

Nick Clegg's new European Language

In his Paris speech on European policy on Friday 8 July, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is advancing an economically liberal argument of which the Coalition Government can be proud. That Clegg can make such a speech is a triumph for the Liberal Democrats. That David Cameron would surely never want to make such a speech is a tragedy for the Tories.
08/07/2011 11:13 BST

Time For A Lib Dem Foreign Policy Orange Book?

Liberal Democrats' role in the Coalition Government offers the party a chance to re-define its foreign policy thinking, much as the Orange Book re-defined aspects of its economic thinking.
05/07/2011 10:35 BST