Matthew Hatchwell Chief Executive of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Europe

Matthew is the Chief Executive of WCS Europe, which is a member of the global network of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). WCS Europe works closely with WCS programmes worldwide, with a special focus on Spatial Planning to address climate change issues, the impacts of extractive industry and the balance between conservation and human livelihoods in Central Africa. Matthew directed the WCS country programme in Madagascar and the WCS office in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, prior to moving back to Europe in 2002. In Congo, he helped establish Nouabale-Ndoki National Park and co-managed, with government counterparts, a capacity-building programme for protected area managers nationally. In Madagascar, he was instrumental in the creation of Masoala and Sahamalaza/Iles Radama National Parks, completed the Masoala National Park management plan in 1999, and remains closely involved in the sustainable financing of protected areas in Africa as a board member of the Sangha Tri-National Trust Fund. He is co-author of books on Masoala and on the role of zoos and aquaria in in situ wildlife conservation.