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Matthew Reed

Chief Executive of The Children’s Society

Matthew joined The Children’s Society as Chief Executive in May 2012. Previously he was the Chief Executive at The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, prior to which he was a director at Christian Aid. He is also the independent chair of the Birmingham Commission on Child Poverty.

Matthew is passionate about social justice, opportunity and inclusion. He is now leading The Children’s Society to develop its work with many of the most disadvantaged children and young people in the UK through tackling the effects and causes of child poverty and neglect.

He has a degree in Theology from the University of Oxford, a degree in Engineering and Management from the University of Nottingham, and a Masters degree in Management from the University of Surrey.

Matthew is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Fellow of the RSA, and a trustee of Children England. He lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife and two teenaged children.

Teenagers Going Absent From Mental Health Care Is A Red Flag That Mustn't Be Ignored

Our research reveals that alarmingly high numbers of teenagers who are referred for mental health treatment aren't making it to the appointments they're offered. Data we collected from Freedom of Information requests, found that more than 150,000 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) appointments were missed in 2016, at a cost to the NHS of around £45m.
27/09/2017 10:46 BST

Teenagers' Fears About Crime Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

We're all affected by our surroundings and feeling safe is an important part of wellbeing. From our research it's clear that these fears about crime are affecting children's wellbeing, and that means that action must be taken to address them.
30/08/2017 14:51 BST

Children Must Be A Priority For New Government

Whether you love politics, loathe it, or are indifferent, the outcome of last week's General Election matters. MPs decisions can have a big impact upon people's lives, including those of the children and young people we look out for at The Children's Society. So I am heartened by reports that more young people aged 18-24 voted this time.
16/06/2017 17:02 BST

Debt Is Damaging Children's Mental Health

For some children, debt means not being able to socialise or take part in activities like sports or school trips, and missing out on birthdays, family gatherings and holidays. They can feel embarrassed for not owning things that are considered normal by their classmates.
06/02/2017 09:18 GMT

Families Who Are Just-About-Managing Need Real Help Now

If the Government's promise to help the JAMs is going to stick then ministers must go further still - by scrapping the benefits freeze and the two-child cap, and restoring the family element of Tax Credits and original work allowances to Universal Credit.
24/11/2016 08:54 GMT

Give Families Breathing Space To Escape Debt Trap

Children can't take out loans - but they can suffer the consequences of aggressive creditors all the same. The Children's Society is deeply concerned that bailiffs, utility companies and local councils who chase struggling parents over unpaid debts may be inflicting real damage to children's mental health.
22/09/2016 11:37 BST

The Downward Trend In Girls' Happiness Must Be Reversed

The increase in social media, growth in celebrity culture, exam pressures and the expectations of friends and family may all play some part in this alarming trend. But the truth is, the scale of this problem goes well beyond that and the Government really needs to take this problem more seriously. It needs put more money and resources into investigating what's behind this.
05/09/2016 11:25 BST

The Fight Against Child Sexual Exploitation Mustn't Forget Children With Learning Disabilities

Each and every one of us can help to protect children with learning disabilities, but as a society we must be prepared to fundamentally change our attitudes and approach to how this group of young people are treated and supported. Only then can we take the necessary steps to protect these children and make sure that no one uses their disability to sexually exploit them.
15/09/2015 18:10 BST

No Compromises When Supporting Children Fleeing War and Persecution

We await the detail of Friday's welcome announcement that this country will support more Syrian refugees. We know from our own work, day in, day out, that the need is huge and urgent. As a country we have a moral obligation to do so much more to support some of the world's most vulnerable children.
07/09/2015 09:40 BST

Marking a Landmark Day in Fight Against Trafficking

Today marks a key point in the fight against slavery in the UK. With the Modern Slavery Act coming into force, law enforcement will have greater powers to target and prosecute traffickers and additional protection will be provided to the victims of this brutal crime.
02/08/2015 00:28 BST

Face the Problem of Child Poverty, Don't Mask It

Most children in poverty in the UK are living in families that are in low-paid work. Today's figures show that, carrying on the steady rise over the last five years, this has now risen to 62%. Cuts to welfare will punish families that are already struggling to provide for their children and push them even deeper into poverty.
25/06/2015 15:10 BST

Homeless and Alone: Teenagers Are Being Let Down

Our shocking findings show that an estimated 12,000 16 and 17-year-olds - enough to fill Wembley arena - have asked their council for help in finding a new home for them. But more than half are turned away without even being assessed.
20/03/2015 17:21 GMT

Protect Children From Payday Loan Adverts

Many parents believe payday loan companies are using children's 'pester power' to pressure them into taking out loans. This is putting families that are already struggling to make ends meet under even greater stress, and can plunge them into debt.
16/09/2014 16:04 BST

It's Time to Make the Government's Child Poverty Strategy Count

Child poverty is simply unacceptable and is damaging children's lives. Much more is needed to meet the government's commitment to end child poverty by 2020. By taking the actions we are calling for, the government would make a significant start towards achieving this goal and improving the lives of millions of children.
23/05/2014 17:02 BST