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Matthew West

Matthew West, freelance journalist

Matthew West | Freelance Journalist

Matthew West is a freelance journalist working in the parliamentary press gallery and a former Associate Editor at

His work has appeared in CityAM and the Independent as well as and

Matt has provided political analysis for several broadcasters including PBS News Hour, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Sky and the BBC. You can follow him at Matt_West..

In the Battle Over Europe David Cameron Has Already Lost

Never since the days when Margaret Thatcher led Britain has this country's standing with its neighbours been so low. Most Europeans - whether they are businessmen or politicians or simply ordinary citizens - are incredulous at Cameron's sniping.
24/01/2013 10:30 GMT

Yay Obama Won!! Now What?

Since starting to watch the election coverage over a range of different news channels on Tuesday evening I've listened to a lot of analysts try to suggest many different things, the most outrageous of all being Obama's second term will be that of a lame duck president. This is highly unlikely although how much social and domestic change takes place in the US over the next four years is open for debate. What is certain is that Obama will continue to pursue the economic policies of the last four years and that's where the continuity comes in.
08/11/2012 10:02 GMT

No, Prime Minister; That's Not What Europe Needs

Another week, another eurozone crisis! It feels as if this crisis is never ending, self perpetuating until an eventual Armageddon that will at the very best end with the break-up of the eurozone and at the very worst in World War III.
09/12/2011 16:00 GMT

Why the Tory Euro Sceptic Rebellion had Nothing to do with Europe at all

I've never created a blog post out of an email conversation that I've had before but then I've never really had any reason to. So forgive the laziness but as I've already written to an old friend on last night's vote in the House of Commons I decided to co-opt it into this blog post rather than re-write the whole thing.
27/10/2011 22:31 BST

What Does Osborne's 'Credit-Easing' Really Mean?

It seems to me to be one very large gamble and I'm not entirely sure it will work. In fact, I fear it will simply mean that most people in Britain will end up paying more for poorer quality public services that have been channelled toward the private sector, all through the back door.
05/10/2011 17:17 BST

UK's Labour Still Has a Trust Issue on the Economy

The simple truth is the only way to restore economic growth is to restore confidence, neither the government's plans nor Labour's are doing much in this regard at present..In some respects it doesn't really matter what Labour or Ed Balls do.
27/09/2011 09:54 BST