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Maxim Parr-Reid

Aspiring journalist with a passion for news, current affairs and politics

My name is Maxim Parr-Reid and I'm a current undergraduate at Trinity College, Oxford, reading for a BA in History and Politics.
As someone whose motivation in life is to become a journalist. I write regularly for Cherwell newspaper at Oxford University, contributing to the News, Comment and Broadcasting sections of Cherwell, as well as performing the role of Deputy Investigations Editor.

The Triumphalism Of Corbyn's Conference

t's entirely possible the Lib Dems or even UKIP could revive support under new leadership in a snap election, to assume that it would result in an almost automatic victory for Labour is a very dangerous thing indeed, if recent events are anything to go by.
27/09/2017 17:43 BST

Forget The 'Progressive Alliance', A UKIP-Conservative Alliance Is Already Happening

Clearly this isn't a formal 'alliance' like the SDP-Liberal Alliance or other such electoral pacts, and a lot of it comes down to the simple fact that UKIP can't muster the candidate numbers to fight every seat. But given Theresa May's rhetoric since becoming Prime Minister, pitching to UKIP voters, it's clear why UKIP would have little reason to oppose the Conservatives.
14/05/2017 17:07 BST

I'm Sorry Tony, But You Had Your Chance

What the country needs is a united opposition, and I do not believe that Tony Blair is the person to bring about this unity. The trust of Blair, both within the Labour movement and without, is too damaged. Tony Blair had his opportunity to shape Britain for better or for worse, and this was forsaken. Tony Blair's time has passed.
02/05/2017 10:09 BST

May's Refusal To Take Part In Debates Proves She Has No Brexit Plan

Theresa May enters this general election campaign with the largest lead of any Prime Minister in living memory has had at the beginning of the campaign - so why is Theresa May refusing to take part in debates with her rivals Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron, as well as the SNP, Ukip and the Greens?
20/04/2017 12:09 BST

An Early Election - Theresa May's Masterstroke?

I can't help wondering whether this is wise, given the importance of Brexit negotiations (and success in those negotiations) to the future of our country. An election, expensive as it will be fight, and time-consuming, can surely only be an unwelcome state of affairs at this stage.
18/04/2017 14:42 BST

The New European Is Wrong To Sneer At Brexiteers

By demonising seaside communities like Skegness, trying somehow to patronise their Leave-voting populations, headlines like these only serve to validate and vindicate the sense of lingering disdain these communities often feel metropolitan populations have towards them.
13/04/2017 15:29 BST