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Mia de Graaf

Freelance Journalist

Mia de Graaf is a freelance journalist that writes about politics and culture. Having worked in Argentina and studied Spanish at University you'll find the odd Hispanic-themed piece crop up here too. Mia is currently on the Press Association training scheme in London.

Sean Penn and the Falklands Farce

Sean Penn has just added to the farce that is the Falklands/Malvinas Cat Fight... Chucking about words like "ludicrous" and "colonialist" - plus "the Malvinas Islands of Argentina" - Penn is feeding an insubstantial, surface and puny fire that has kept burning for a remarkably long time, even leading UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon to express his "concern" at how thick and fast this tiff is progressing. The whole thing was rather inflamed by the incompetence of leaking Prince William's posting to the press.
15/02/2012 21:26 GMT