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Michele Kingston BSc Nutr. Med, mBANT

Michele Kingston is a sought after Nutritional Therapist, she changed her career path and moved towards nutrition due to an interest in complementary therapies triggered by her own health problems. This personal experience has been a great motivator in making Michele keen to educate others on the merits of optimum nutrition.

Michele primarily works with patients privately in a London based clinic using nutritional and lifestyle approaches to facilitate optimal energy levels, maintain emotional and psychological wellbeing, promote weight management, support healthy digestion and hormone balance and much more.

Michele also gives talks in a corporate setting advising the employees of large firms on using nutrition to improve their health and increase their work productivity. She is also part of the nutrition squad for Europe’s largest boot camp. Whether Michele is working one to one with clients or giving talks, her advice always focuses on being easy to follow, realistic and enjoyable.

Michele also contributes to the Body in Balance TV blog. Visit Michele's official website.

Your Hair Is What You Eat!

Your hair, and in fact, all parts of your body can only be made up of the things that you eat. So it makes sense that the quality of the hair on your head depends on the amount of nutrients present in your body, which you get originally from your diet.
13/10/2011 09:28 BST