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Michelle D Harris

Social Media Strategist/Manager

Freelance Social Media Manager / Community Manager and Personal Branding Strategist Helping personal brands and start ups and small businesses get the most from social media and build their online presence - Blogger and influencer. In my sparetime I like to play video games, paint, draw, and sleep, not all at the same time.

Women Only Carriages - Good Or Bad?

Women only carriages - is this what our nation has come to? That we have to segregate people like we are in prison, just to keep to be safe?
25/08/2017 14:53 BST

Experiences Of A Female Gamer

My son is an avid gamer, and now an adult has always known it as normal that females play video games and what's more, can play as well as men. He has just got his Computer Games Development degree and has always been amused that his mum plays video games, not because of age or gender, he says, but because I'm still better at some games than him and he's played all of his life.
17/05/2017 17:30 BST