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Micke Paqvalen

CEO and Founder of Kiosked

Micke Paqvalén is a serial- entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in international business. He has been a founding member of four major software companies: HansaWorld, Hotsip, Telepo and Kiosked. See more at:

Cracking the Content Monetization Conundrum

For brands looking to reach the large number of consumers online, it is not enough to simply place banner ads online and hope for click-throughs. It takes more than a thinly veiled sales message to engage consumers nowadays.
09/09/2013 14:22 BST

The Future of Online Shopping: Anything You See Can Be Yours

It seems that hardly a day goes by without another high street retailer biting the dust. It's no secret that the traditional retail sector is in deep trouble, and it's clear from news of the closure of Jessops and the recent administration of HMV and Blockbuster that the troubles are real and present.
07/03/2013 14:29 GMT