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Mike Beeson

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A highly experienced writer and blogger on a wide range of topics. Based in Manchester, UK.

Brexit - Who'll Fix It?

In the same way that it could take many months to place the over-arching consequences of Brexit in any meaningful context, so we'll have to wait awhile for any sensible analysis of how the Referendum 'Leave' vote will impact on UK business.
11/07/2016 15:35 BST

Debt - The Silent Assassin

I make the distinction here between 'consumer' and 'business' debt. Yes, they're different, but some of the effects of catastrophic corporate failure can have a similar impact on the personal lives of those caught up in a business collapse.
14/10/2014 10:52 BST

The UK Is Still a Bloated Credit Junkie

To mere mortals, 'debt' is a four-letter word - something to be eschewed on pain of the workhouse or some equally grizzly fate. There's a whole industry in the UK that focuses on debt collection - lawyers, bailiffs and professional debt collectors who go by a number of rather fanciful <em>'noms de guerre'</em>.
03/04/2014 14:46 BST

A Brief History of the Co-Op - Good With Food, Not-So-Good With Money

It's been 20 years since I worked for the Co-Op. Or, to be more precise, the Co-Operative Wholesale Society (CWS). It was gratifying over those years to see the metamorphosis of the business from being a rather quaint, historic organisation that championed 'caring, sharing' co-operative values into a dynamic multi-faceted force on the High Street
24/03/2014 11:09 GMT

Financial Marketing and the Moral Compass

The issue of whether marketing professionals should work with clients in controversial areas of business is certainly not new. Alcohol, tobacco, gambling and pornography have fitted the 'usual suspects' bill for long enough.
06/09/2012 10:32 BST

The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Lending

Such is the confidence of the new lenders, however, some are now moving into the mortgage market and lending to small businesses whose access to finance has been blocked in equal measure. Some would argue that opening up the market in this way is a good thing, but there's always the danger that desperate people will be seriously exploited.
04/09/2012 14:19 BST

Reach For The Sky All You Payday Loan Arrangers!

If you watch daytime TV, you'll know all about Payday Loans from the deluge of advertisements that target what - it must be assumed - is a vulnerable yet receptive segment of the UK population.
23/08/2012 09:29 BST

Why Higher Education Is a Good Investment

Big increases in tuition fees have reportedly deterred many would-be students from applying for a university place. This is a tragedy at both a national and personal level because it takes a short-term view of the value of higher education.
20/08/2012 14:38 BST