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Mimi Bekhechi

PETA Director of International Programmes

Mimi Bekhechi began working for PETA in 2007. As PETA UK's Director, Bekhechi is responsible for overseeing PETA UK's campaigns and marketing as well as its education and media departments. Bekhechi previously served as the organisation's operations manager and coordinated PETA UK's campaign work in her subsequent role as manager of special projects.

Crufts Continues To Be The 'Worst In Show' For Dogs

Imagine a show based on ruthless competition in which entirely unnatural physical features were prized above all else and incestuous relationships, allegations of poisoning rivals, and other unscrupulous behaviour abound. It sounds like a salacious soap opera, right? Except it's not. All of these things are part of the saddest reality show on TV: Crufts.
13/03/2017 13:56 GMT

Horses Race to Their Deaths on Day One of the Cheltenham 'Festival'

People who want to pay tribute to all the horses who have suffered and died in racing should stay away from tracks and betting shops. Forget the finish line - this deadly industry is all about the bottom line, and the horses are little more than disposable commodities to be dispatched behind the tarpaulin.
16/03/2016 12:12 GMT

15 Things All Vegans Know to Be True at Christmas

Every vegan knows there's more to the holidays than mulled wine, roasted chestnuts and high-street light displays. From meat-free centrepieces to faux-leather handbags, vegans have the holly-est, jolly-est Christmas around!
22/12/2015 15:53 GMT

Ten Reasons Why Animals Do Not Make Good Gifts

Animals can be a wonderful addition to a family - just not when they're gifted to an unsuspecting recipient during one of the most chaotic times of the year. The following are some reasons why...
16/12/2015 16:59 GMT

Meat's as Much of a Drag on our Health as Tobacco

Even if the government pushed for warning labels on meat and dairy products only half as hard as it pushes for plain-packaging on cigarettes, more people would realise that tobacco isn't the only cancer-causing thing you can put in your mouth - and hopefully take that warning to heart.
03/11/2015 12:00 GMT

Unbearable Cruelty: 'The Island With Bear Grylls'

Had this violence taken place in the UK, the contestants would almost certainly be facing cruelty charges and, potentially, time in prison for the suffering they inflicted on these terrified animals.
22/05/2015 17:05 BST

Cruelty Charges Long Overdue for Foie Gras Farmers

A dying breed of self-proclaimed 'foodie' still shamelessly defends its obsession with this torture in a tin, no matter how many videos surface showing ducks and geese in abject misery. But the future for foie gras producers and aficionados is bleak. Even the French, a nation once synonymous with the cruel foodstuff, are turning their backs on foie gras.
29/03/2015 20:44 BST

Let's Weigh in on the Cruelty in Zoos

Zoos are based on the menageries of old and harken back to a time when Europeans used to pillage other continents and steal their treasures. Zookeepers today must recognise that their business model is dying and stop pretending that zoos make meaningful contributions to conservation.
07/01/2015 17:37 GMT

Are You Wearing Dog Skin?

Take a peek inside your wardrobe. Do you have any leather gloves or belts? Leather handbags or wallets? Unless you are a long-time vegan, you probably have something made of leather. If so, then now may be the time to bury that dead skin. As a new investigation has revealed, those leather accessories might have been made from man's best friend.
23/12/2014 18:16 GMT

See the World, Just Not SeaWorld

Many facilities operate almost continuously, giving dolphins little respite from streams of tourists. Their diets may be erratic because many facilities generate additional revenue by selling fish to tourists in order to feed dolphins. Assertive dolphins can grow obese, and less aggressive animals may go hungry.
08/08/2014 11:34 BST

Cruelty Still Flies With Air France

Most passengers aboard Air France flights probably have no idea that in the cargo holds right beneath their feet could huddle dozens of terrified monkeys locked in small boxes and headed for nightmarish laboratories or that their ticket supported a company that is knowingly delivering these unfortunate primate passengers to laboratories...
23/05/2014 16:50 BST

Crufts: Worst in Show

The lack of genetic diversity caused by inbreeding greatly increases the likelihood that recessive genes, which cause debilitating afflictions, will be passed along to puppies. As a result, roughly one in four purebred dogs suffers from serious congenital defects, such as hypothyroidism, epilepsy, cataracts, allergies, heart disease and hip dysplasia - a disease that can lead to crippling, lameness and painful arthritis.
10/03/2014 09:51 GMT

This Holiday Season, Don't Buy Into Cruelty

If the label says, "angora" or "wool" or "leather", please remember that the garment began as a living being - and leave it on the shelf. The only way to ensure that a piece of clothing (or anything else for that matter) is cruelty-free is to shop animal-free.
23/12/2013 16:27 GMT

Draining the Planet's Resources: Go Vegan for World Water Week

The choice is simple: we can continue wasting the world's resources, or we can help conserve water and other resources by choosing vegan foods. It takes only 1,644 litres of water to grow one kilogram of cereal crops compared to 15,415 litres of water to produce one kilogram of beef.
28/08/2012 22:47 BST

Meat Is the Biggest Waste of Water

The most logical way for us to conserve water, land and other resources - and reduce animal suffering - is to kick our meat habit. We can save more water by not eating meat for just a few days than we can by not showering for an entire year. By going vegan, we'll be able to clean our cars and clear our consciences.
16/04/2012 22:26 BST

Killer Whales - Liberty and Justice for All

In a precedent-setting case, PETA US, three marine-mammal experts and two former orca trainers are suing SeaWorld on behalf of five orcas who were taken from their home by force, locked up, put to work and never allowed to leave. The case intends to prove that these orcas are being held as slaves in violation of the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution. The suit is one of the most groundbreaking legal cases ever to reach the courts - the first ever to assert that a constitutional right should extend to nonhuman animals.
07/02/2012 23:53 GMT