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Muddassar Ahmed

Writer, Traveller, Activist, Entrepreuner

Utilising Sports To Counter Extremism In The Muslim World

The co-existence of different faiths and ethnicities is increasingly under threat in both the Islamic and Western worlds, now is the time to build new models to bring people together and celebrate what we share: our humanity.
23/05/2017 09:58 BST

A British Muslim Journey From Protest to Engagement

If we are to prevent radicalization, Muslim disenfranchisement, and a generation of disengaged youth left vulnerable to fundamentalist ideology, we must find a way forward, and engagement and mutual cooperation lie at the heart of the answer.
21/02/2015 09:10 GMT

Deconstructing the Anti-Government Protests in Turkey

For the past three weeks, the park, along with the square, has become a hub of activity, with thousands of encamped protesters confronting water cannon and tear gas-wielding riot police. But despite the harsh rhetoric and the violence, the reality is that Prime Minister Erdogan has little to fear.
21/06/2013 09:09 BST

Next for the American-British Alliance?

Diverse issues like instability in the Middle East, the financial crisis and climate change, all bear the footprint of the US. It is therefore incontrovertible that if we, here in the UK, wish to genuinely affect such issues, it is in our vital strategic interest to cement the 'special relationship.'
22/01/2013 09:44 GMT