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Myriam Francois-Cerrah

Myriam Francois-Cerrah is a writer and broadcaster with a focus on current affairs, France and the Middle East.

Myriam Francois-Cerrah is a writer and broadcaster with a focus on current affairs, France and the Middle East.
She is currently a correspondent for Huffington Post US and a regular contributor to the New Statesman, Middle East Eye and Al Jazeera English.
Former assistant editor of emel magazine, she has had articles featured in the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, the New Statesman, Salon, The Independent, The New Internationalist, Your Middle East, the Huffington Post, The London Paper, Index on Censorship, The F-word and others.
Myriam regularly contributes to public debates on Sky News, BBC Newsnight, the BBC Big Questions, Channel 4 news, etc.
Currently a DPhil researcher at Oxford University, focusing on Islamic movements in Morocco, she tutors in Middle East politics.
She has a BA in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University and an MA in Arab Studies (Honours), specialising in Middle East politics, from Georgetown University.

Her articles and lectures are featured on her blog:

She tweets @MFrancoisCerrah

British Jihadis - Turning Mothers Into Informants Is No Solution

In the government's latest Orwellian measure, mothers and wives of "would-be jihadists" are ‎being urged to report on their loved ones, avowedly to "prevent tragedies". It won't escape notice ‎however, that despite protestations to the contrary, a message emanating from the police carries ‎criminalising potential. ‎
25/04/2014 15:01 BST

What I Might Have Said If I Had Been on Newsnight...

The Muslim community is far from perfect, but our misrepresentation as ‎squabbling men who need reforming through those who have themselves rejected the faith is ‎palpably absurd. Who speaks for Muslims? How about the myriad Muslims doing the hard graft on ‎the ground.‎
26/03/2014 17:00 GMT

The Woolwich Attack: Should We Feel Terrorised?‎

It is a rather trite observation to state that the term 'terrorism' has become eminently politicised, ‎used much more readily and easily to refer to violence by certain types of political dissidents, such ‎as those whose violence targets the majority, than to refer, as it was originally devised, to states, ‎or groups targeting minorities. ‎
24/05/2013 15:50 BST

French Court Ruling Reignites 'Laicite' Vs Headscarf Debate

France's distinctive take on secularism is once again making headlines. A sacred virtue of the ‎Republic, it is unquestionable within the hexagon where political careers are built on its defence. ‎But a recent case is causing controversy.
17/04/2013 11:30 BST

Anti-Semitism? Not at Our Dinner Table

While I support Mehdi for ‎taking a stand against anti-Semitism and urging Muslims to be as diligent in denouncing it as ‎they are Islamophobia, I reject the presumed community complicity implied by his reference to ‎‎"our dirty little secret". ‎
25/03/2013 12:16 GMT

Mali: France's Afghanistan?

Is France's military intervention in Mali a neo-colonial enterprise, dressed up in the conveniently ‎nebulous language of the 'war on terror'?
18/01/2013 10:27 GMT

Why Blaming 'Asian Sex Gangs' Is the Real Disservice to the Victims

The latest report is a vital contribution to our understanding of child sexual exploitation, but it ‎focuses only one particular type, namely that involving gangs or groups. ‎Although Asian men are overrepresented in this particular category, <a href="" target="_hplink">95%</a> of the UK's sex offenders ‎are white males.
22/11/2012 19:20 GMT

Demonstrating For Dignity: Why Are Muslims So Enraged?

Muslims eh, they just cant seem to take a joke can they? It would be very easy to cast, as many ‎commentators have, the latest riots in response to the islamophobic film, as another example of ‎intolerant Muslims lacking a funny bone.
18/09/2012 17:50 BST

Get Over Colonial Guilt? Not So Fast Mr Hague

William Hague argued that Britain needs to get ‎over its feelings of "post-colonial guilt", stating that we have a "new and equal partnership" with ‎countries unburdened by our colonial past history. Apparently we all need to 'relax', because ‎Britain's empire history is "no longer an issue for the rest of the world." Is that so?
10/09/2012 17:26 BST

Islamophobia: Orwellian 'Doublespeak' ?‎

The struggle against islamophobia is the struggle for a nuanced and ‎contextualised appraisal of events involving Muslims, a refusal to accept ‎that everything can be explained away through a facile reference to 'Islam' ‎and a defence of a European minority group. There is nothing Orwellian ‎about that.‎
12/07/2012 08:47 BST

France's Legislative Elections: A Left Turn for Europe?

Yesterday saw a record low level of participation (<a href="" target="_hplink">48.31%</a>) in France's legislative elections as 6500 candidates campaigned for 577 seats.
11/06/2012 16:27 BST

The Danger in Referring to 'Asian' Sex Gangs

The sex slave trade in this country is sadly alive and ‎well and is not primarily Asian driven. Any abhorrent link some may seek to make between race and inherent ‎sexually predatory behaviour is not born out by the facts.
09/05/2012 13:15 BST

IWD: To Celebrate or to Mark?

On the 101st International Women's Day - like many women, I'm faced with a mixed bag of emotions. I want to celebrate our achievements, our gains, our pioneers - but I've also just returned from a trip to Bangladesh which was a timely reminder of why we ought to be marking, rather than celebrating, international women's day.
09/03/2012 15:36 GMT