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Natasha Henson

Lifestyle Writer & Editor of British Style Society

Natasha is a lifestyle writer and Editor of British Style Society.

Tips For Planning A Successful Fashion Event

In the coming months the UK will see some of the biggest events hit the fashion calendar. From the British Style Collective event in Liverpool to the exclusive setting of London Fashion Week, the range of fashion events spans both public and A-lister interest, so getting the right balance for each experience is an important part of the planning process.
07/06/2017 12:03 BST

Easy Ways To Educate Yourself About Personal Finance

With tighter schedules and busier lives, finding the time to think about how we manage our finances can be tricky. Here are some easy ways to help you educate yourself to a healthier financial future.
19/05/2017 13:52 BST

Do We Have a Responsibility Towards Sustainable Living?

We need to start shopping better to make the fashion industry listen. There are some really simple ways to start choosing sustainable fashion over the mass-produced. Here's a quick look at two niche sectors that are growing considerably in sustainable options...
31/07/2016 22:06 BST