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Nicholas Bach

A director of the Roatan Marine Park

Nicholas Bach is originally from London. Much to his mother's dismay, he moved to a small island in the Caribbean to dedicated his life to protecting our reefs and oceans. He is a director of the Roatan Marine Park, a local NGO among numerous projects runs anti plastic and plastic alternative campaigns, recycling schemes, and environmental education programs.

Our Planet Is Choking On Trash And We Are All To Blame

We are all to blame. Therefore, we can all help to solve the problem. REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE in that order. Recycling is not enough. It has been made so easy in London many people no longer avoid the use of plastics. However, the carbon footprint of a reusable item is far lower than that of single use ones. Making sustainable choices is much easier than people think.
08/11/2017 19:45 GMT