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Nick Dearden

Director, Jubilee Debt Campaign

Nick Dearden is a campaigner on global justice issues, especially the global economy and financial system. He is Director of Jubilee Debt Campaign.

Jubilee Debt Campaign was created to challenge the enormous and unjust debts which rich countries and their banks created in the developing world, and which still keep the people of many countries locked in a debtor’s prison today.

We work for the cancellation of unjust developing country debts and the creation of a just financial system which puts people first.

Only by the creation of a radically different financial system can we hope to wipe out poverty, encourage strong and democratic societies and foster a more equal and peaceful planet.

The Vultures vs Argentina: The Debt Case of the Century

If Argentina decides to carry out its promise not to repay vulture funds, it will come under huge international pressure and economic destabilisation. If we believe that the state's first duty to its citizens' welfare rather than international markets, we must support Argentina in spite of the propaganda.
27/11/2012 15:36 GMT

Irish Deal Simply Recycles Zombie Debts

<a href="" target="_hplink">We need a jubilee </a>- cancellation of debts, radical financial reform and tax justice - to exit the profound crisis of democracy whereby European statesmen believe their job is to hold Europe's people to account to Europe's banks.
01/04/2012 19:18 BST

Vulture Funds - Coming to a Country Near You?

As the European crisis lurches into default, it's time for people in the developed world to make sure their countries' debt does not become rich pickings for the most unscrupulous of companies.
01/08/2011 23:03 BST