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Nick Lowles

Director of HOPE Not Hate

Nick Lowles is Director of HOPE not hate. He has been an active anti-fascist since 1989 and set up HOPE not hate in 2004 as a direct response to the electoral rise of the BNP. He has pioneered positive community organising and he currently edits HOPE not hate.

For many years he was an investigative journalist, working on TV programmes such The Cook Report, World in Action, Panorama and MacIntyre Undercover. He has written six books, including White Riot: The Violent Story of Combat 18 and Mr Evil: The Secret Life of Racist Bomber and Killer David Copeland. He has lectured on far right politics, nationalism and community campaign across Britain, Europe and North America. He has also written extensively on football hooliganism and youth sub-culture.

Katie Hopkins And The Far Right In The Med

What on earth is Katie Hopkins doing? No, not just "what" is she doing in terms of saying something outrageous (again) - part of her modus operandi to drive traffic - but in this case, why is she fraternising with far-right extremists and Holocaust deniers down in the Mediterranean and re-sharing their content on social media? And why is the MailOnline happy to give her a platform to do so?
19/07/2017 17:25 BST

The Year Hate Went Mainstream

In a year dominated by the UK's vote to leave the European Union and the election of Donald Trump, there were mixed fortunes for Britain's far right. For them it was a year of further marginalisation, convictions and bans punctuated only by extreme acts of violence - such as the horrific murder of Jo Cox.
17/02/2017 15:42 GMT

Thomas Mair: Far-Right Terrorist

In targeting a British MP, Mair was following a growing list of British nazi terrorists who believe that they are at war with the system... The Mair case highlights the ever-present threat of far-right terrorism in this country, a threat HOPE not hate still believes the authorities are not doing enough to tackle. While Thomas Mair pulled trigger, neo-Nazi propagandists must share some responsibility for fuelling and directing the hatred and violence inside him.
24/11/2016 10:31 GMT

Balancing the Vote

The old are voting and the young are not. That creates an imbalance across our society. Young people are twice as likely as the population at large not to be registered to vote, (almost 30%), compared to 95% of over-65s. Thanks to changes that were rushed in last December, 770,000 people have dropped off the register since 1 December.
02/06/2016 16:33 BST

The Far Right In 2016: Smaller But More Violent

2015 was a year of violence and humiliations for the British far right. The general election proved its political impotency, the EDL continued its steady decline into oblivion and, while the number of far-right demonstrations increased (especially in the north of England), the overall numbers involved in the organised far right declined.
08/02/2016 16:46 GMT

Shining a Light on Child Sexual Abuse

Rotherham is sadly just the latest in a long, and growing, list of British towns and cities which has experienced grooming by Pakistani/Kashmiri gangs. So, if it is right to call on public institutions like the BBC and the NHS to review procedures and the Catholic Church to address abuse by its clergy, we should not shy away from dealing with the problem within specific communities.
28/08/2014 09:39 BST

Challenging the Politics of Fear

First, is UKIP a racist party? Quite simply yes. It is deliberately whipping up fear - and by extension - hatred of foreigners, with its provocative posters and inflammatory language. It is deliberately exaggerating figures and playing on people's anxieties about immigration in order to win political support.
01/05/2014 10:47 BST

It's David Cameron v the Big Society

I want greater transparency and a level playing field in politics for everyone involved. But this Bill is an affront to a modern democracy. It is unworkable, politically motivated and, probably, illegal. We must do everything we can to ensure that the little people have a voice and can be heard.
23/08/2013 12:03 BST

Introducing CAASE, A New Alliance Against On-Street Grooming and Child Sexual Abuse

Our aims are simple. We want to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation, via education and campaigning across all communities. We want to encourage reporting and promote services to help vulnerable young people. We want to produce training kits and background fact-sheets for faith and community leaders, so they can speak out with knowledge and confidence.
10/05/2013 13:38 BST

Things Are Bad For the BNP, And I Expect It'll Get Even Worse

If things are bad now, then I expected it to get even worse for the BNP over the next couple of years. Ukip are likely to make significant gains in these elections, certainly in votes if not seats, and solidify themselves as the main beneficiaries for the anti-immigrant and anti-establishment vote.
10/04/2013 21:39 BST