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Olivia Solon

Writer and editor

Olivia Solon is a writer and editor specialising in technology, science, health, startups and digital culture. Currently Associate Editor of, she has also had work published in Metro, The Telegraph, Marketing Week, Music Week, MyDaily and Frukt Source. Prior to working at Wired, she spent five years as a business journalist focusing on the media and marketing industries, with roles at Media Week, Media & Marketing and Cream.

Bikram Yoga: Is It Worth the Sweat?

Yoga. The very word conjures up a picture of smug serenity accompanied by a faint whiff of mung beans. One variant, however, had always appealed: Bikram yoga. This was the most badass of yogas; 90 minutes of exercise in a room heated to 42 degrees centigrade. If Chuck Norris did yoga, it would be Bikram.
04/01/2012 22:47 GMT