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Paul Carroll

Author, former PR consultant

Author, former PR consultant

Tweeting From Beyond the Grave - Why Sometimes It's Good Not to Talk

While it's easy to see why stopping abuse and masquerading on accounts where the originator has passed on is an important area for legal review, another strand of digital legacy is now emerging - the idea of continuing to converse with the dead via their social media accounts.
26/02/2013 13:27 GMT

A Shining Example on How Not to Write a Novel?

At a conservative estimate, King has sold over 300 million books, and what the hell do I know, but isn't writing a book without a clear plotline a bit like setting off in a car with a full tank of petrol and seeing where you end up? It may work out, but more than likely you're going to end up at the equivalent of the Overlook Hotel. In winter. Without a toothbrush.
10/12/2012 16:01 GMT

Attending Your Own Funeral? Coming Soon

Twitter, of course, seems to be doing its best to despatch the still living to the great beyond, with rumours of the deaths of pop stars, film actors and politicians regularly reaching halfway round the world before the 'mistake' - for which read 'spoof' - is unmasked. Margaret Thatcher has already died 10 times this year in the bubble of social media.
23/11/2012 16:39 GMT