Paul Quigley Co-founder of, tracking the world's fastest spreading, most social news stories

Paul is co-founder of, a site that shows the news that's spreading fastest through social networks. NewsWhip does not exercise editorial control - instead, it tracks the activity of a billion social network users to see which news is the most important right now. The company also provides feeds and social data to help keep news companies ahead of the curve.

Before founding NewsWhip, Paul practiced law in New York City at two of the city's biggest commercial firms. He worked on international arbitrations, investment disputes, multi-jurisdiction litigation, corporate governance fights, and contract disputes at New York's commercial courts. He represented clients in digital media, entertainment, private equity, energy, finance, and green technology. He did pro bono work for asylum seekers, convicts, and New York City's schools, police force, and sanitation department.

Paul holds two masters degrees - an LL.M. (in international law) from NYU, where he was a Hugo Grotious Scholar, and an M.Litt. from Trinity College Dublin, where he researched the constitutional issues and economics of personal injuries law reform. He got a gold medal for graduating first in his class from Trinity College Law school.

Paul lives in Ireland. His hobbies include swimming, cooking, writing, and unwinding in the "double diamond boozers" of Dublin.