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Paula Haunit

Fashion entrepreneur and writer

Paula is the founder of Sheer Apparel, a sustainable fashion online retailer.

Why Fashion Matters For Feminism

<img alt="all women everywhere" src="" width="300" height="35" />\ Most seriously, fashion matters to feminism, because women account for the vast majority of workers in the fashion supply chain. It's a tricky subject as the garment industry can make a valid claim that it has brought comparatively high quality jobs to some of the poorest places, where those types of jobs are otherwise rare.
08/03/2017 13:53 GMT

Call Yourself A Feminist? Let Your Wardrobe Do The Marching

Yes, women's rights are human rights. And with so many women across the world affected, for better or worse, by our consumption habits, it's time we did a little less marching and let the way we spend our money reflect our values.
18/01/2017 16:01 GMT

How To Fall In Love With Vintage Fashion And Why It Matters

When vintage is done well, the quality of the garments is far superior to what you can buy on the high street these days, and that includes some of the premium brands. That's because, by and large, garment manufacturing has become much much faster over the past decade, so garments from the same label now and 20 years ago, will often not be finished to the same standard.
09/09/2016 10:49 BST