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Peter Kellner

President of YouGov, political commentator and journalist

President of YouGov, political commentator and journalist

Four Million Labour Voters Lack Trust in Corbyn and McDonnell on the Economy

Of the nine million people who voted Labour in May, around four million withhold their backing for Corbyn and McDonnell on the economy, saying they trust the Tories more, or trust neither party, or simply 'don't know'. Unless the great bulk of these doubters can be won over, Labour will not be able even to get back to nine million votes, let alone the 10-11 million it needs to become the largest party.
30/11/2015 20:33 GMT

Is Rail Nationalisation a Vote-Winner?

For obvious reasons, politicians love to claim that their policies are popular. The more they can show that they are on the side of the voters, the easier it is to win votes. Jeremy Corbyn thinks he is onto a vote-winner with his plan to renationalise Britain's railways. Is he?
21/09/2015 17:30 BST

Speak for Europe, David

The advice from Europe's voters to David Cameron could not be clearer: If you want popular support across the Channel for your renegotiation strategy, talk not about what's good for Britain but what's good for Europe.
29/06/2015 17:20 BST

Would a Fairer Voting System Be a Better System?

If, despite the clear outcome of the Alternative Vote referendum four years ago, we are to reopen a national conversation about the way we elect our MPs, we should at least start from a recognition that no system is ideal and that our choice depends on our priorities.
22/06/2015 17:33 BST

Why an EU 'Yes' Vote Won't Settle the Matter

One of the most seductive arguments for holding an in-out referendum on the European Union is that it will settle the matter for decades to come: if the UK votes to stay in, we can then plan for the future without fearing a new campaign to shove us towards the exit door. The trouble is, it ain't necessarily so.
02/06/2015 11:22 BST

Should Labour Move to the Centre?

The question that has dominated Labour's election post mortem is whether the party lost because it was too left-wing and should therefore return to the centre ground. At one level the answer is plainly 'yes'... In fact, things are not that simple.
18/05/2015 15:53 BST

Boris Needs to Get Serious

Given his undoubted charisma and his way with words, he has the potential to be a big vote winner for the Tories. But, and it is in important but, voters who regard humour and a cavalier style as an asset in a city mayor with few real powers might seek different qualities in a national leader. Last week, in an interview with the <em>Sunday Times</em>, he talked about how his six years as mayor had given him the administrative experience that would stand him in good stead in national politics. He has a point. But if he is to be a real vote-winner for his party on the national stage, he needs more. He needs to get serious.
11/08/2014 22:28 BST

Economic Clouds Begin to Disperse

To help us limber up for the glorious five-day festival of number-crunching that lies ahead - from polling day on Thursday to next Monday's fallout from the European Parliament election results - here are some figures that might matter more in the long-run. They concern Britain's economy.
21/05/2014 11:25 BST

Making Sense of UKIP's Surge

Nigel Farage has easily the highest rating of any Britain-wide party leader - yet most people think is party harbours racists; and Ukip's recent surge has coincided with a rise, not fall, in support for Britain remaining in the European Union.
06/05/2014 18:33 BST

Farage Wins Round Two

Nigel Farage won his second television debate with Nick Clegg by an even larger margin than last week. Fully 68% said the UKIP leader &lsquo;performed better overall&rsquo;, up from 57% after the first debate, while Clegg&rsquo;s rating slipped from 36% to 27%...
03/04/2014 11:11 BST

Tony Benn's Finest Speech

A few years ago, when I was compiling an anthology, modestly entitled <em>Democracy</em> (published by Mainstream and also available as an e-book, since you ask) I wanted to include something from Benn's battle to renounce his peerage. Ever generous, he gave me a copy of the speech he was not allowed to deliver, and which had never been published... This is what Tony Benn wanted to say.
14/03/2014 11:57 GMT

Sex, Drugs, Money and Old School Ties - Which Bits of MPs' Lives Really Matter?

One of the bugbears of being a politician is the risk that a controversy might erupt at any time about things that have little or no direct connection with their day-to-day work. Recently David Cameron has been criticised for surrounding himself with alumni of his own school, Eton, who (so the charge runs) cannot understand the day-to-day lives of normal people. Other stories down the years have concerned politicians' finances, sexual affairs, family connections and youthful indiscretions. What really irritates voters? YouGov set out to find out in a survey...
10/03/2014 17:13 GMT

Scottish Voters Oppose Independence by 60%-40%

I bring important news from Scotland. Nothing much is changing. I realise this will disappoint those people, journalists in particular, for whom stability is boring, bereft of news value and therefore to be ignored. In this case, however, I believe the stability in Scottish views of independence tells us something significant: that most voters have made up their minds.
03/03/2014 11:30 GMT

Conferences? What Conferences?

Normal service has resumed. Parliament is back; for all bar a small, obsessive minority, memories of the party conferences have faded. As usual, they provided polling as well as political dramas...
14/10/2013 16:37 BST

Who Should Take Part in TV Debates?

Once again, Sky News has taken the lead. It spearheaded the broadcasters successful campaign to secure leader's debates in the 2010 general election. Now John Ryley, head of Sky News, has proposed a formula for debates in 2015. His main proposal is that Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, should be excluded. Voters think differently....
07/10/2013 13:02 BST

Labour's Limited Appeal to Trade Union Members

Most members of trade unions affiliated to the Labour Party would NOT vote Labour if a general election were held this week, according to a YouGov analysis taken on the eve of Ed Miliband's speech to the Trades Union Congress.
10/09/2013 21:06 BST

Are Labour and the Tories Really Level-Pegging?

ICM's latest poll for the <em>Guardian</em> is so striking that it deserves attention. Every poll by every company since the spring of last year has shown Labour in the lead. Suddenly ICM says that lead has disappeared. It now puts Labour and the Conservatives neck-and-neck, with 36% each. Can this be true?
16/07/2013 09:40 BST

Are There Questions YouGov Should Not Ask?

Forty years ago, as a young journalist, I learned that 'there are no indiscreet questions, only indiscreet answers'. In general, the same applies to polling. We do not create public opinion; we measure it. That opinion may give us pleasure or pain; it might reassure us or frighten us. The issue is whether it is better to know how people feel or to remain in ignorance.
29/05/2013 22:44 BST