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Peter Saunders

CEO of Napac, the National Association for People Abused in Childhood

Pete Saunders is an adult survivor of childhood abuse. He was abused by the head teacher of his primary school, a family member and two priests at his secondary school. He didn’t have a lot of luck as a child. He became a teacher but after carrying the burden of his abuse secret until he was nearly forty he told all. Not too many people were that interested but he subsequently discovered that he was not the only person this crime had affected. He left teaching and now runs NAPAC, the National Association for People abused in Childhood.

The Psychology of Male on Male Rape

Allegations over male on male rape have recently hit the headlines, but because this crime is so rarely properly covered in the media, is it possible it's prone to even more misapprehension, taboo and myth, than other kinds of sexual assault?
08/05/2013 17:12 BST