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Phil Bloomer

Executive Director of Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Phil Bloomer is the executive director of Business & Human Rights Resource Centre. He has over 25 years' experience in social justice advocacy and campaigning. Phil joined the Resource Centre after 18 years at Oxfam, including eight as Campaigns and Policy Director and 11 years in Latin America. Phil recently returned from a trip to Azerbaijan where he met with communities, civil society and business to discuss the impacts of the European Games and the wider human rights situation in the country.

The Situation in Syria Is at Breaking Point

Each day the news of Syria gets worse. As a human rights activist told Oxfam, "the situation is hell. In areas under attack, people do not have enough food." Earlier this week, the Syrian Red Cross finally entered Baba Amr with Baroness Amos, but members of the International Committee of the Red Cross, who have been attempting to visit Baba Amr since Friday, remained barred from the neighbourhood. Like everyone else, I feel horror and frustration at the world's seeming inability to stop the killing and help those in need.
09/03/2012 22:22 GMT