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Philip Murphy

University of Bath graduate in International Management and French. Bad politics, good music, real football

Philip Murphy is a University of Bath student with an interest in politics, both locally, in his native Northern Ireland and further afield. During a year's study/work in France, he followed the Presidential race, contributing to a blog on the campaign trail, culminating in François Hollande's election in May 2012.

A member of the post-Good Friday Agreement electorate in Northern Ireland, Murphy is a strong opponent of the petty, tribal politics which continue to dominate the Northern Irish political landscape. He remains unaffiliated to any political party, whilst supporting peace and equality within the region.

A keen football fan and journalist, Murphy has covered football for various publications within his home country. He has written for the Irish Football Association's official website, matchday programmes and quarterly magazines, often in the form of interviews. He has also scribed on the behalf his local football club, Armagh City FC; penning match reports for local newspapers, contributing through the club's official channels and assisting with other Irish League clubs' publications.

LAD: What Next for Northern Ireland's New Politics of the People?

Perhaps LAD can replace the 'Loyalists Against' with 'Laughing At' and make all those who make our society unbearable the subject of derision. They have certainly made us chuckle for the past thirteen months and there's no reason to think that all-inclusive mockery would be any less amusing.
24/01/2014 12:35 GMT

Northern Ireland: Loyalists Against Football?

It was supposed to be a day to remember in North Belfast. League leaders Cliftonville against Crusaders, their closest challengers and local rivals. A packed Seaview, filled with colleagues, friends and neighbours from across North Belfast's footballing divide, each hoping to secure local bragging rights and a step to the coveted Irish Premiership title.
17/02/2013 16:07 GMT

Northern Ireland: Border Poll Is Not the Answer

Politics in Northern Ireland needs to address the real issues. We've practiced and mastered <a href="" target="_hplink">whataboutery </a>for too long. The result is a flailing economy, unaided by friendly fire from within and a divided political shambles, completely devoid of consensus.
24/01/2013 15:47 GMT

Northern Ireland: Flag Issue Flutters on

While many protests have remained peaceful, a significant number, particularly in Belfast, have however turned violent. Many have hijacked them for their own needs or recreational rioting, an all too popular pursuit in Northern Ireland, in terms of both participation and spectating.
09/01/2013 11:11 GMT