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Pippa Smith

Co Chairman of charity Safermedia

A married mother of three children, now grown up. Pippa has lived in various parts of the world having emigrated with her family to New Zealand, then on return to the UK became a Service wife. Qualified as a bi-lingual secretary, she also taught French to adults and primary school children. Her interest in media standards began as a result of the BBC’s portrayal of Lady Chatterley’s Lover in the mid 1990s, and she formed FIRMA (Families Involved in Raising Media Awareness) with some friends. Subsequently she met Miranda Suit and they discovered a shared a vision to do something about the decline in media standards. They formed a new organisation, mediamarch, and held their first peaceful protest outside the Horseferry Road HQ of Channel 4 following the programme, ‘Animal Passions’. Since then they have worked to raise awareness, lobbied Parliament and held two Parliamentary Conferences: the first in November 2008 on ‘The Harmful Effects of Violent Films and Computer Games on Young People’s Behaviour, and Effective Preventive Action’; and the second in November 2010, ‘The Harm that Pornography Does: Its Effects of Adults and Children and the Need For Regulatory Reform’. Also in November 2010 they achieved charitable status and relaunched as the charity Safermedia which is run on a voluntary basis.
To find out more and view their current work and campaign, go to the Safermedia website:

Changing Values and Internet Versus TV Watershed

While the watershed does usefully remind us that there is offensive and harmful material on our screens after 9.00pm, with the challenge posed by the internet and on demand TV is the watershed past its sell by date?
21/07/2014 13:02 BST

Pornography on the School Syllabus?

New guidance for teachers from the Sex Education Forum is deeply disturbing as teachers are encouraged to tell pupils in sex education lessons that porn is 'not all bad', is 'hugely diverse', and to talk about all aspects of porn. Parents will surely be horrified by this.
06/05/2013 19:02 BST

In a World Where Anything Goes

Do we really live in a world where anything goes? According to the BBC's Cherry Healey, we do. In a recent programme, '<em>How to Get a Life</em>' on BBC One, she repeated this statement more than once.
29/06/2012 08:52 BST