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Rachel Rawson

Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist Breast Cancer Care

Rachel Rawson, Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist Breast Cancer Care. Rachel has worked at Breast Cancer Care for 7 years. Prior to this she was a Clinical Nurse Specialist in breast care in the NHS. Her experience in the NHS and at Breast Cancer Care has highlighted the needs for support and information for people in the survivorship phase. As more than half a million people are alive in the UK following a diagnosis of breast cancer there are far reaching implications in relation to body image and the long term side effects of treatment that need to be addressed.

Body Image After Breast Cancer

We often hear the term 'body image' in relation to how we view our own bodies and how others view us. When you have had breast cancer, getting used to the changes that have taken place and adjusting to life after breast cancer can take time.
25/09/2013 18:12 BST