Ran Berger Tech guru, entrepreneur, father. Always on the look out for the next tech trend.

Ran Berger is a tech guru and entrepreneur. He is currently CEO and Co-founder of Flat Rock Technology, an innovative tech company which creates web and mobile solutions. He lives and breathes all things tech.

Flat Rock was launched in 2008. With Ran at the helm, the company has experienced year-on-year growth and has delivered innovative software solutions to household name clients including Brompton Bicycles and Soho House.

One of the UK’s sharpest technology minds, Ran cut his teeth running IT projects for companies across Europe, honing his skills and gaining insight into how technology can support commercial growth.

With his entrepreneurial zeal and nose for new trends, Ran is one of the most exciting individuals currently working in the UK software and technology space.

When not working, this father of 2 enjoys spending time with his family in London and trying to stay one step ahead of his tech savvy kids.