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Rebecca Gill

Director of Policy, Campaigns and Communications – Platform 51

Rebecca has been in her role at Platform 51 since June 2010. Prior to that she worked on equalities policy at the Government Equalities Office and the London Development Agency and spent 6 years working as the Women’s Equality Policy Officer at the TUC.

Unusual Suspects Want to Ban Page 3

On Monday Dominic Mohan was recalled to the Leveson inquiry where he defended Page 3 as a "British institution". Unfortunately he missed the all important word 'was'- it was a British institution - and not a particularly good one at that. Platform 51 commissioned a nationally representative poll over the weekend which showed that almost twice as many women would support a ban on topless pictures of female models appearing in daily newspapers as would oppose it. In a country where many people feel uneasy with the word 'ban', these results are certainly striking.
09/02/2012 22:45 GMT