The Invisible Women - Our Culture's Obsession With Youth

Young women have an acute understanding of what the power of youth means, particularly when it comes to sexuality. Youth is something that is so sought after - we long to be able to capture our physical youth through beauty products and surgery.
12/04/2017 17:02 BST

Why You Need To Be A Feminist If You Work In The Lingerie Industry

Imagine if someone came up to you, at your workplace, while you're sitting at your desk -maybe you're composing an email, putting together a presentation, adding numbers to a spreadsheet - and says, "going for a wank over your sexy body". Yep, it's pretty much an average day online when you work in the lingerie industry.
11/10/2016 17:31 BST

How Facebook Sexualises And Polices The Female Body

Suppressing women's sexuality is misogyny. The implication that an 'impure' female body will lead to unsafe sex is misogyny and feeds into victim blaming. The message that sex is bad is problematic in itself, leading to a lack of discussion and education.
13/09/2016 17:43 BST