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Rebecca Williams

London-based journalist who loves to eat and travel and write about it in her spare time

Rebecca is a London-based journalist working in TV News for the BBC. She has a keen interest in social media. In her spare time she eats, travels, writes and captures her experiences in photographs. She's partial to a well cut frock and loves shopping. You may catch her with her nose in a book if she ever finds the time. Rebecca can be reached at

A Long Weekend In The Dordogne

The Dordogne is often called the land of a thousand and one castles. Its landscape of rolling green hills and lush river valleys will take your breath away. It boasts ten of the 'Most Beautiful Villages in France' and has an underground maze of crystal caves.
07/07/2017 14:30 BST

Eat Your Way Around Yankee Stadium

Too much time spent choosing what to eat and drink could mean less time watching baseball. Here are a few offerings in the food and drink department at the Yankee Stadium. Bring your appetite, my friends, because this is a marathon and not a sprint.
25/08/2016 15:35 BST

A Day Trip to the Home of Champagne

In the depths of Saint-Nicaise, in the French town of Reims, sleeping beauties lie. A bunker-like steel door opens to deep, stone steps which reveal a maze of tunnels, stretching 17kms underground, carved from chalk by the Romans.
07/12/2015 11:54 GMT

A Long Weekend in St Tropez

I'm in St Tropez at the start of the summer season, the playground of the rich and famous, and I'm staying at the Grand Dame, the Hotel Byblos. Anyone who's anyone has stayed here from the sixties siren Brigitte Bardot to modern-day A-listers.
23/07/2015 10:20 BST

A Long Weekend in Cascais

The weather, the wind and the challenge makes Portugal one of Europe's most popular golfing destinations but before you nod off, this piece isn't all about whacking a white ball around miles of perfectly clipped greens.
04/06/2015 14:20 BST

The English Market and Farmgate Cafe, Cork

The English Market in Cork has more than 50 stalls making food or selling it. Here you can buy everything from apples to yams and it's the go-to place to find the very best of what Ireland's land and sea has to offer, all year round.
05/05/2015 12:11 BST

Fishy Fishy Restaurant, Kinsale

This award-winning restaurant (it can boast a Michelin Bib for 2015 along with other Irish food awards) serves some of the best fish from the south coast of Ireland, freshly landed in this fishing town which is also known as the 'gourmet capital of Ireland'.
13/04/2015 12:59 BST

Lamb Biriyani Recipe

This rice dish has delicate spicing and is studded with lean cubes of British lamb, steam-cooked to perfection. Sabrina credits Asma Khan ,who runs the successful supper club Darjeeling Express, for helping her with a simplified version of the recipe. And my thanks to both of them - another winner.
02/03/2015 12:18 GMT

Simit Recipe

I'd tried a Simit or two before, they taste a lot like a bagel in that they have a dense crumb and I find them very filling but these have a distinct sweetness that you won't find in a plain bagel. A recent trip to Istanbul had me thinking about making them back home.
27/02/2015 12:01 GMT

Rose Rice Pudding Recipe

I know how to clear a room. All I need is a can, a tin opener and a spoon. My guilty secret is Ambrosia Devon Creamed Rice straight from the can or if I can be bothered, heated in a saucepan. I LOVE rice pudding.
12/02/2015 12:18 GMT

Yeni Raki Turkish Delight

After a recent trip to Istanbul, my love for Turkish Delight bubbled over and I scoffed every piece I was offered, no matter the flavour or colour. Back home, I wanted to make my own, with a flavour I couldn't find in Turkey Yeni Raki or 'Lion's Milk' which is also the country's national drink..
10/02/2015 12:28 GMT

Whisky Pairing at the Capital Hotel, Knightsbridge

I thought I knew a thing or two about Scotch whisky, until I met the UK's youngest Keeper of the Quaich. A Quaich is not a game Harry Potter and his wizarding chums might play, but a two-handled, shallow drinking cup used for the specific purpose of drinking Scotch whisky.
26/11/2014 11:22 GMT

The Amazing Legacy of Gerald Durrell

The Dodo is one of the most well known birds in the world, although it's been extinct for several hundred years. Gerald chose the bird as a logo to remind us all of the importance of the conservation work that goes on in his name and how very fragile some species are and there are reminders of the bird everywhere.
13/10/2014 14:02 BST

Ard na Sidhe, a County Kerry Fairy Tale

Set in thirty two acres of grounds, there are plenty of secret nooks and crannies, areas to watch the native birds, and paths which eventually lead out to the lake and far, far away.
09/10/2014 13:20 BST

Jersey, an Island of Riches

Jersey is an Island of riches, known for it's beautiful cows, potatoes and off-shore bank accounts but as finance isn't my forté, I'll leave that to the billionaires who live here. Jersey produces some cracking produce from seafood to the famous Jersey Royals so it's no wonder chefs gravitate to work here.
06/10/2014 14:16 BST

Slow Cooked Spiced Lamb, Lentils and Flatbreads Recipe

Quality lamb, cooked in the right way will give you a dish that tastes like you've spent hours in the kitchen. Lamb shoulder is an under-rated cut but treated to a long, slow cook will reward you with meat full of flavour, falling off the bone without effort with plenty of flavoursome juices.
16/09/2014 11:18 BST

A Visit to a Speyside Cooperage

Since the late forties, the family-owned Speyside Cooperage has been producing the finest casks from superior American Oak.
26/08/2014 13:05 BST

Arzak: Three Stars of Michelin Brilliance

With dinner service imminent, Elena was more than generous as she let us tour the cavernous nooks and crannies of Arzak the evolutionary, cutting edge contemporary restaurant with a Basque twist.
26/08/2014 12:49 BST