Rebecka Eden Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, Philanthropist, Model, Writer

Rebecka Eden is a Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, Philanthropist, Model and Writer, whos' harrowing story of her cancer ordeal and the impact that this had on her life is extreme and appalling. Following a prolonged misdiagnosis of her tumour which greatly affected her young adult life, she fought to survive radical cancer treatment which resulted in horrific life-changing injuries. As well as coping with major trauma and attempting to rebuild her body through painful rehabilitation over many years, she continued her philanthropic work, doing all that she could to ensure that no other young woman would go through the same ordeal by helping to make aspects of female oncological care safer, in addition to assisting cancer charities as a Writer and Reviewer.

Before her cancer diagnosis, Rebecka had been a Model and Athlete and trained as a fitness professional. As a Speaker and Writer, Rebecka educates and advises on specialist subjects including Surviving Trauma, Cervical Cancer and the Effects of Cancer Treatment, Stress Management and also Self-Esteem and Body Image Issues, utilising knowledge and her own methods drawn from her training and richness of life experience.

Rebecka is also an advocate of natural beauty and possible future projects include those of Spokesmodel and the publication of her true life story.