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Richard Bailey

Researcher and writer

Richard Bailey is Director of RBES, a specialist sport research company. He is the author of the blog ‘Talking Education and Sport’ ( He tweets on sport and education research as @DrDickB.

What About Sport? Sport Needs Health; Health Needs Sport

Sport is the elephant in the room for physical activity policy. Its absence of sport in discussions of health promotion seems surprising as for centuries it has been heralded as a fun way of getting fitter and healthier.
25/07/2016 14:05 BST

Why Did Torres Choke?

The Spaniard stands at the centre of a sporting soap opera in which he is just shy of 24 hours of playing time without a single goal. Indeed, Torres has received more yellow cards than scored goals since moving from Liverpool to Chelsea for £50 million. Predictably, 'should Torres go?' polls have sprung up across the media and web...
16/03/2012 13:08 GMT