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Rob Adam

Rob J Adam is an independent journalist and researcher.

Rob J Adam is an independent journalist and researcher associated with the Institute for Government. He writes on politics, technology and government.

You can find his work at and on Twitter at @robjadam.

Our National Parks Show How To Make Brexit Work

Local sensitivity and innovation are important and should be encouraged. But they also raise the spectre of fragmentation - national parks forced to fight individually to protect the landscapes which belong to all. It would be a tragedy if this were to transpire. Politicians in Westminster, Cardiff and Edinburgh would do well to heed the words of Sarah Fowler: "This works when we work together."
17/07/2017 12:02 BST

The Problem With Post-Brexit Trade Deals

They say history repeats itself but never in the same way. In 1839, a Chinese scholar-official called Lin Zexu launched a campaign against British opium imports, which had made addicts of between four and twelve million Chinese people. The British responded with barbaric force, sending gunboats up the Yellow and Yangtze rivers and - at gunpoint - forcing "free" trade on the country.
17/07/2017 11:57 BST

Politicians Can't Agree On Brexit - Give The People A Say

The rallying cry of 'take back control,' which inspired so many voters, will not be realised within the constraints of our Parliamentary democracy. More ambition is required. In the 18th century, Britain's Parliament redefined modern democracy; in the 21st, it can do so again.
13/07/2017 13:27 BST

Theresa May Cannot Lead Britain To A Successful Brexit

The Grenfell Tower fire may yet be Theresa May's Suez. Crises require leadership - in explaining the causes of the crisis and the appropriate responses, in defining the meaning of the crisis and learning the appropriate lessons from it. In all these respects, the Prime Minister has failed, symbolised by her refusal to meet with residents affected by the fire. Brexit will undoubtedly produce many more crises before it is complete, but May seems unlikely to navigate them successfully.
19/06/2017 17:01 BST

Three Reasons To Stop Costing Manifestos

Manifestos from all parties have followed the same logic, imprisoned by the terms of a debate they did not set. The blind following the blind. Parties should recognise this and, at the next election, follow Theresa May in not costing their manifestos at all.
07/06/2017 16:56 BST