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Robert Lee

Head of Media and Campaigns for The Royal British Legion

Robert Lee is Head of Media and Campaigns for The Royal British Legion. Schooled at United World College of the Atlantic and the LSE, he served in the RNLI before a career in journalism and public relations. He has written two books, One Hundred Monkeys and Death and Deliverance, and a screenplay, Ordeal in the Arctic. He has been a war correspondent, a political columnist and a network television host. He lives in West Kensington, London.

Remembrance Day - The Silent Grief Which Fuels the Two Minute Silence

The British way of remembrance is different to that of anywhere else. It is at once more high state ceremonial and yet more peculiar and intimate. There is nothing in the world to compare with the Festival of Remembrance, an event both regal and rococo which is extremely admirable and yet very odd. Held in the Royal Albert Hall with nearly the entire Royal Family in attendance, it is part church service, part military tattoo, and part entertainment.
10/11/2011 23:10 GMT