Robert Mills Fashion Designer – Haute Couture

I am a 21 year old Fashion Designer who strives for the highest possible goal in life, this for me is become a global recognised designer. My Philosophy in design is luxury. When I was growing up I never had luxury, I grew up on a council estate on the Wirral with very little opportunities, well until I found them. Not being to have luxurious things i.e. Clothes I strive to make them and have my signature surrounding them. Being a designer has always been the only career and remain the only career choice for me, it’s not only a dream it’s my life and everything I do, is to make myself a better designer as possible. I like the thought of people having a story in their mind of what was going through my mind when making a concept and a design vision, normally the two are at opposite ends of the scale, but for me making a story on how you feel when you see clothes is a feeling that will never ever fade, its eternal. Personal style is a ‘biggy’ for me; I don’t like being stereotypical with my style, people who put outfits together to get noticed is something that doesn't appeal to me. I’m simple and well me, I like my designs and clothes that I make do the talking as in the future that is how I want people to see me as. ‘that boy in that skinny jean and white top who made that stunning coat’.